Integro is a business development and business management company located in Lancaster county, PA. They offer a wide range of services to scale the impact of your business. Integro is here to come alongside your business and take it to the next level.

Looking to increase sales but unsure how? We got you. When you come to Integro you’ll find the one stop shop to help run your company. No more wasted hours researching for that company, you now have all you need all in one place. Whether it’s Executive Coaching, Marketing, Software, Human Resources or Finance, we commit to coming alongside you to develop and grow the areas you see need help.

Let’s dive deeper into each specific aspect of Integro and see what may be the best fit for you!

Executive Business Coaching.

With executive business coaching you’ll receive one-on-one coaching as well as group coaching to help you lead your company effectively. Struggling with feeling inferior and unprepared to be the leader you need to be for your business? Coaching will guide you into becoming the confident, successful leader able to lead your company with skill and intelligence.

Coaching helps you, the business owner, clarify and reach your goals. If you find yourself longing for clearer goals, greater growth, or simply wanting better systems or accountability. Integro Executive Business Coaching is here for you.

You may be wondering who Executive Business Coaching is even for? It’s specifically meant for business owners, CEO’s, executives, employees in key positions, or department heads. Whatever your position may be we commit to walking alongside you, and helping you become a confident, able leader.

We’ll help you with a wide variety of things including, building a strategy, developing a clear vision, improving employee satisfaction, having clear written systems and cultivating a team that’s empowered to do their best work.

We commit to empowering you and your team to do your best work and have the most fun with your job than ever before.

If you feel maxed out, business isn’t profitable, struggle to delegate, and are unable to keep up with growth. Than Integro Business Coaching is for you!

Integro Marketing

Do you find yourself wanting greater brand awareness but you’re not sure what step to take? Struggling with your sales, customers are unhappy, and lacking a cohesive message? Getting a customized plan for your marketing campaign will make a world of difference for the future of your business.

Integro Marketing is StoryBrand Certified which equips us to come alongside your company, creating a clear brand story and allowing you sit back and watch your sales increase.

We offer multiple packages including Brand Foundations, Effective Website, and Marketing Services. Helping you with SEO, Email Marketing, Brand Storyeframe and so much more.

Integro Marketing services will take your business to the next level. Clarifying you brand message and increasing brand awareness.

If you’re looking for a great return on your investment, we’re here to help you!

Integro Software

Finding software that works for your company shouldn’t be so difficult. Here at Integro we commit to coming alongside you and helping you find the software fit for your company. Simplify your systems, streamline your processes and receive ongoing support when you let us guide you to the right software for you.

Each business has their own individual needs as far as software goes. Integro software offers a wide range of options.

Looking for software tailored for your specific businesses needs? Custom Software will make growing your business easy. You’ll be able to save hundreds of hours, receive live dashboards, and enjoy getting more done in less time. However, software doesn’t always need to be custom.

Off-the-shelf software will allow you to enjoy low up-front costs, utilize pre-existing software and receive immediate implementation. You simply need to know exactly what to look for. Meeting with an Integro Software Guide will help you implement the software fit perfectly to meet your needs.

Integro Construction Software is specific for construction remodeling companies. We help streamline your sales, smooth out your office routines and simplify your estimating process. Whatever your software needs may be, we’re here to help you and your business at the highest level.

Integro HR

A businesses most important asset is what? You guessed it, people. Without your people your company would fall apart. Which is why Human Resources is so important for the future growth of your company. Integro's HR will help you with a wide range of aspects in your business. We offer a wide range of services including, cultivating healthy teams, writing clear policies, handbook development, providing a business chaplain, and ensuring you have the legal coverage and protection you need, and so much more.

Human Resources will help your people and business flourish in every season. Integro HR commits to making sure the core component, your people, are well taken care of.

Integro Finance

Worrying about your current bookkeeping? Struggling to keep up and ensure accurate books? We get it. And that’s why we’re here, Integro Finance is here to help you with every area of your bookkeeping. Committed to cleaning up your books, and giving you the support you need so that ultimately you can have peace of mind knowing your books are finally in order.

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