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Four Steps to Attracting More Clients with Google My Business (Easy and Free)

Business owners,

You want to be discoverable online. That’s obvious. But with so many options, where do you start? It’s kind of overwhelming, right?

Well, when it comes to helping locals find your business, the answer is simple and clear. Create a Google My Business page. Here’s why.

As of 2003, Google is answering 99,000 search queries per second. (Yes, you read that right. Ninety-nine thousand per second.) That’s an astonishing 8.5 billion searches per day. A number that is rapidly growing.

With so many consumers turning to Google, being discoverable online has become fundamentally important. The good news is that improving your online presence is simple. It’s also free. And by the end of this article, you’ll have the tools you need in place to attract more paying customers.

Attract Local Business

You’re probably already familiar with Google My Business. A Google My Business page is what pops up when you click a business’s physical location in Google Maps. Creating your Google My Business account lets you control what information is shown. This is helpful for a number of reasons.

Say you want a coffee. Few things are easier than pulling out your phone and typing “coffee” into Google Maps. The same goes for “laundromats” and “mechanics” and “roofers.” In fact, if you’re in business, you better believe that people are searching for companies just like yours in the Maps app. 

It’s reported that 93% of consumers use Google Maps to find local businesses. And often, that’s all the research they’ll do – making a choice in a matter of seconds. If a local business pops up that seems reputable, that’s where they’ll head. In other words, you’ve got to stand out. Which is exactly what you’ll learn to do by reading on.

Covering the Basics

Before you can make the most of Google My Business, you need an account. Making one is free and easy, and it only takes a few moments. So, do it now before reading any further. (Really. Now. You won’t regret it.)

. . . 

Ok, now that you have your free GMB page set up, it’s time to attract some clients. Doing so couldn’t be easier. The first step is simply adding accurate business information.

While it may seem like a no-brainer, there’s a ton of incorrect or missing business information online. And just by occasionally updating your online information, you’ll ensure heavier traffic flowing to your business.

In fact, Google My Business profiles with updated information average 7x more clicks than those with old or missing information. Plus, taking control of what your customers see makes your business appear more legitimate. We’ll get into the reasons for this a bit later (and how to take advantage of them), but for now, just know that your online “personality” is very important to clients – whether they know it or not.

So, take a few moments, right now, to make sure your GMB listing is accurate. Including your:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Website URL
  • Hours of operation
  • Business description
  • Category
  • Photos and videos

Once you have your business’s info updated, keep reading. The next section will show you how to fine tune your listing to attract even more qualified leads.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Updating your company’s information has another benefit beyond more clicks on Google Maps. It also gives you a nice boost in organic Google searches

That just means that when a customer searches for businesses like yours online, a Google My Business page helps you show up as a top result. And since all of your information has been added to Google Maps, you’ll also pop up when users search “[businesses like yours] near me.” 

In other words, a Google My Business page improves your “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is important because users click Google’s first search engine result 39.6% of the time. And by moving up in rank, you can improve your company's click-through rate by an average of 32.3%

Again, boosting your SEO ranking is pretty easy. The key is using the right words on your Google My Business description. Just state the type of work you perform (in the customer’s language) and other keywords relevant to your services. Then, you can use another built-in Google feature to improve your descriptions even more.

To fine-tune your listing, Google My Business includes a user-friendly way to learn what queries customers search when they find your business. You can also see whether they found you on Google Maps, Google search and how your photos are performing compared to other businesses in your category.

Learning what terms clients use to discover your business can then help you rank even higher in Google searches. Plus, by regularly checking in with your listing, you’ll automatically make use of a powerfully persuasive psychological motivator.

A Trusted Business 

Getting people to hand over their money isn’t always easy. And usually, for a transaction to take place, customers need to see your business as being credible. That way, they can feel confident they’re making the right choice. One they won’t later regret.

A Google My Business page makes building that trust very easy. You just need to understand this one plain fact: that people are more comfortable making choices that others have successfully made before them. 

Known as “social proof,” this is the importance of online reviews. Current reviews on your Google My Business page help potential clients see your company as being legitimate. So, get in the habit of asking your customers for Google reviews. Ideally, in person and as a part of follow-up communications. Then, there’s just one more step .

Once you’re getting reviews from clients, it’s time to respond to them. These public responses – and answers to questions your customers ask – show your company as being open and communicative. It also gives you the opportunity to make any negative experiences right. Showing consumers that you’re committed to their satisfaction. (The language of your responses also improves SEO!)

A Picture Says 1,000 Words

As one last bit of advice, posting updated photos to your Google My Business profile goes a long way. 

In fact, studies show that profiles with updated photos drive 35x more clicks than profiles without pictures. Think about that. Thirty-five times more leads. Just from a few photos. And you don’t even need that many.

Google reports that 11 photos is the ideal number. In terms of content, you can include shots of happy customers, your space, employees and, of course, your final products. As long as the pictures are of good quality and portray a clean, happy atmosphere, they’ll be effective at driving more customers to your business.

A Robust Marketing Strategy

With your Google My Business profile, you’re in control. And since setting up a GMB page is free and easy, there’s no reason not to take advantage of this powerful online tool.

But your Google My Business page is just the beginning of a robust online marketing strategy. Sometimes, customers find you on Google Maps but need a little more time before making a final decision. So, it’s wise to have a strategy in place for capturing those leads so you can stay in touch with them until the time is right. 

Doing so is work, yes. It takes time. And, knowing what to include – or how to best talk about your business – can be confusing. Because of that, lots of business owners put off marketing until “later.” A time that, sometimes, never comes. And they lose sales all along the way without even realizing it. 

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