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Empowering CEOs: A Site Prep Success Story with Integro

Empowering a CEO with tools for Team management

“If I hand off a division of management, something crazy might go wrong. I can’t let go!”

Let’s face it, every human struggles with the fear of letting go. Within a company, fear of delegation is paralysing! Have you been there? John, CEO of Site Prep LLC, was at that place of temporary paralysis in 2018. Multiplying customer satisfaction had grown his company beyond the capacity of his administrative system. Sales were at 1.5 million. It was time to go bigger, and John was scared. He needed tools with which to widen his management team while maintaining his values, so John called us for help.

“I am a visionary,” — John declared, looking across the table at our coach, Jonas.
“But I don’t know how to take my vision and put it into a system.”

Jonas cracked open his hefty toolbox and set to work. First, he helped John draft an official mission statement for Site Prep. They listed company values, wrote an employee handbook and crafted an organization chart.

Next, Jonas addressed John’s need to pair his visionary skill with the skills of an implementer. They transferred Mike, John’s partner and younger brother, off the labor crew and into an office role. As John approved new management systems, Mike supervised implementation of the systems among the crews. The brothers’ skills meshed perfectly.

Jonas built a custom consumer relationship management system for John.

He taught John’s team how to craft ads and marketing videos and how to accumulate reviews. By 2021, Site Prep had skyrocketed from zero to over six hundred Google reviews, with a five-star average. Sales reached 4.5 million. Four full-time staff manned the office.

Today, Site Prep services eight states and is the largest company of its kind in the region. Profits continue to rise. Instead of running his company solo, John spends more time leading--a dream he’d once given up on. Thanks to his new office systems, John no longer fears delegating leadership.

“I love knowing that somebody else is gonna have an opportunity to take a division to the next level,” — John told us warmly.
“Seeing divisions of my company being built out by others motivates me. I love making a difference in people’s lives and being present as a world changer.”

Tripled sales, quadrupled staff, thousands of thrilled customers and a CEO operating out of fresh, faith-filled purpose. What could you accomplish if your greatest fear was gone?