Nail your marketing with a custom strategy session

Attract the right customers. Get referrals. Be confident in your marketing. All with a custom marketing strategy.

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Marketing shouldn’t feel overwhelming.

But too often, it does.

There are experts convinced that SEO is where you should start. The next person is bragging up their email marketing campaign. A friend shares how his social media is exploding, and the list goes on.

So, you jump in the deep end and start dabbling with it all,  hoping desperately something will start working, and soon.

Turns out, you need a strategy.

What’s right for another company isn’t always right for you.
How you market your company varies based on things like:
  • Your industry
  • If you’re a B2B or B2C company
  • The current economic climate
  • How mature your business is
  • What your short and long-term goals are
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Do any of these sound familiar?

You don’t have a planMarketing feels overwhelmingYou don’t know where to startLacking salesNot enough leadsLow return on your investment

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Get a plan.
Get ahead.

Spoiler: you can’t build a house without a plan.

And neither can you enjoy successful marketing without a plan. Just like a builder first draws up detailed blueprints before ever laying a brick, you need a marketing blueprint custom to your business.

We offer strategy sessions where you get a custom marketing plan crafted to propel your company forward.
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Schedule a strategy session and get:

A strategic marketing blueprint, customized to your needs and business goals
Clarity on what needs done now and what can or should wait until later
Confidence knowing your marketing is being done right

Let’s do this.


Quarterly Strategy Session



Imagine if you never changed the oil in your truck. Sure, you’ll keep adding oil as needed. But forget it with the routine maintenance checks.

For a while, you probably wouldn’t notice anything different. But over time, that gorgeous truck of yours would start wearing out long before it’s time.

It’s the same with marketing. You need an occasional maintenance check to make sure your marketing is up-to-date.

This package ensures your marketing is relevant, on point, and bringing you the best bang for your buck!

Note: Prefer to just meet once a year? Talk to an expert about our annual packages.


Campaign Strategy Session



Need help on a specific campaign?

Maybe you’re launching a new product, acquiring a new company, or starting a brand new product line. Yea? Then this package is for you. We’ll help you strategize and create one killer campaign!


Strategy Session for the Startup Company



Are you a start-up who’s ready to launch your first ever marketing efforts?

We’ll sit down and help you create a marketing blueprint from the ground up. You’ll get clear tangibles on where to start and what you can and should start doing right now in your business.

Built for business pros like you

With everything already on your plate, knowing you're attracting and retaining new customers should be the norm rather than a question.

Via a strategy session, you can finally be confident your marketing is up-to-date and attracting new clients.

It’s time to forge ahead and enjoy an influx in customers,
more closed deals, and a fantastic ROI
on your marketing dollars!

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How it works

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Attend a one-on-one strategy session

Nail your marketing and attract more clients

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What others are saying

“Integro has taken all of the stress out of marketing my business. 100% worthy of a five-star rating!”
Annette Stoltzfus
“If you're looking for a strategic thinker to help you out with business planning and execution, look no further than Integro.”
Matthew Stoltzfus
Shed Repairs
"To put it simply, you should hire Integro 212. They have been leading our management team in effective marketing. I think everyone should check them out."
Kore Fisher
Fisher Auctions
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You can’t afford to NOT have a plan.

Whether you’re a start up business or you’ve been in the business world for years, we’ll customize your marketing blueprint to your current season of business. You’ll get key insights into what you should - and shouldn’t - be spending your marketing dollars on today.
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And yes, while getting a marketing blueprint is an investment up front, you’ll end up saving precious time and money that would likely have otherwise been waisted on outdated and irrelevant marketing tactics.

Not to mention, once you have your marketing blueprint, you are free to either implement the tactics yourself, hire a third party to do it, or get us to take care of it from start to finish. It’s your call!
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Frequently asked questions

What is marketing and how does it work?
Marketing promotes the buying and selling of your product or service through tools like advertising, blog writing and social media. Specifically, marketing allows your business to become more well known while increasing your sales.
What is the main purpose of marketing?
The goal in marketing is to promote a product or service to a specific audience in order to generate revenue.
Why does my business need marketing?
When you execute a clear marketing plan, you increase awareness for your product or service and experience an increase in sales!
How will marketing effect the growth of my business?
When people know what your product or service is, the chance of them buying from you is much higher! Marketing helps you reach your target audience (those who would actually use your product/service) so you can enjoy increased brand awareness and sales.
What sets you apart from other marketing companies?
We believe in the value of clear, simple messaging. Because we use the StoryBrand framework, we have the experience and knowledge needed to walk alongside your company and increase your brand awareness and ultimately grow your sales.
I just want a flyer (or something small) designed. Who should I hire to do it?
Unless you are an existing client, if you are simply wanting a single business card designed or a quick flyer created, we recommend checking with your local print shop.

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