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Become a confident and able leader instead of feeling lonely and overworked with Integro's coaching services.

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Everyone has a sweet spot.
Are you in yours?

Business owners and leaders have the authority and capacity to change their job description — they are the boss. Yet too often, they feel stuck in a rhythm that is wearing them down. So they work harder, longer, and put in more hours. As a result, family time, vacations, and God-given calling come last.

That's where Integro business coaching comes in. We specialize in Christian business coaching in Pennsylvania and beyond and can help you break free from this cycle.

Do any of these sound familiar?

You’re maxed outThings fall apart without youYou lack good systemsBusiness isn’t profitable You struggle to delegate effectivelyYou’re unable to keep up with growthYour team is underperformingYou’re missing deadlinesYou have frustrated customers

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INTEGRO Coaching

Integro coaching helps you both clarify AND reach your goals.

Are you lacking time to get everything done? Do you need clarity on where to best invest your time?

  • Are you stressed about:
    • - Life/work balance

    • - Exponential business growth

    • - Building an executive team

    • - Developing a new product/service

    • - Transitioning a family-owned business

    • - Acquiring/selling a business

  • Whether you are looking to develop clear goals, pursue ambitious growth, or simply create better systems of accountability and excellence, Integro coaching can help.

Who should invest in coaching?
Coaching is perfect for owners, CEOs, department heads, executives, and employees in key positions.

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Develop a strategy

First, our business coaching team helps you build a strategy and develop a clear vision that excites you and serves as your guide.

Build your team

Together, we'll improve both your employee satisfaction and your bottom line through clear systems that both reward and hold your team accountable.

Live in your sweet spot

With a clear vision, written systems, and a team empowered to do their best work, you're now equipped to do your best work and have the most fun you’ve ever had in your career!

Integro coaching plans

Get a plan that's right for your company.


Companies typically making
1 - 3 Million
In Revenue
  • Clarify your vision

  • Make key hires

  • Develop core products and services


Companies typically making
4 - 9 Million
In Revenue
  • Implement a growth strategy

  • Formalize policies and procedures

  • Utilize technology


Companies typically making
10+ Million
In Revenue
  • Build executive team

  • Empower your team

  • Invest in custom technology


90 minute 1-1 coaching session

In a monthly coaching call, discuss your goals and discover actionable next steps.

Coach-led mastermind groups

Get access to a monthly mastermind group where you'll develop business skills alongside other business owners.

Strategic access to a business coach

Have a big business decision? Stuck with a problematic employee? When you need to bounce an idea off of someone, your coach is ready!

Access to our team of industry experts

Get access to our greater team of marketers, HR experts, software developers, and financial strategists.

"Jonas and Dan have cleared the fog from our lenses and continue challenging us to become better at what we do. Integro will certainly become a favorite coaching organization with all the spokes they offer on the business/personal wheels.
Levi Lapp
Atlantic Outdoors
“When looking for a reliable business, look no further than Integro 212. The leadership team they have been working with has greatly improved thanks to their coaching. I would strongly recommend them to anyone.”
Kore Fisher
Fisher Auctions
“Great visionaries who help you create and execute your business plan!”
Matthew Stoltzfus
Shed Repairs
"Jonas produces amazing results. Some people are good at the subjective/unseen realms side of business (relationships, marketing, motivational, spiritual, teams, sales). And some are really good at the objective side (hammers, nails, flow charts, numbers, organizational strength, and MAKING Money $). I have never seen anyone as excellent at both sides as Jonas is. The best I have ever met."
Chris Hitz
Hitz Coaching

Integro coaching case studies

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Frequently asked questions

What exactly does a business coach do?
A business coach is someone who will walk alongside you and help you first clarify the vision and mission of your company. After you have clarity around the basics, your coach will provide ongoing support, education, and motivation so you can run your company in a way that promotes more growth with less stress.
Is a business coach worth it?
Absolutely. Having a trusted advisor come alongside you who provides both perspective and invaluable strategies will transform the future of your business. If you’re ready to  scale the impact of your business, investing in a business coach is an excellent next step.
What problems do business coaches solve?
A business coach guides you to greater clarity in your business goals, understands your strengths and weaknesses, and gives you insightful ideas to scale your business. From experience, a business coach already knows what works and what doesn’t. So instead of you needing to learn the hard way, a business coach can give you the inside scoop on what works along with what is best for your company.
What is the difference between a business coach and a consultant?
A consultant will give you specific, hands-on solutions for your business. They will give you insightful tools, accountability, and perspective to help you become the business leader you want to be. In contrast, a business coach will walk alongside you and help you come up with valuable solutions for your business.
Why is business coaching so important?
Business coaching helps improve your management and leadership skills, giving you the tools and resources needed to be a successful business owner.
What should I expect from a business coach?
When you get a business coach, you’ll be provided with much needed support, education, and motivation. You'll benefit from an outside perspective and learn better how to grow your business and become the leader you want to be.
What do you gain from business coaching?
A business coach will help you identify key strategies to scale the impact of your business. Specifically, they will empower you with the tools you need as a business owner while helping you gain valuable perspective.

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