Developing Comprehensive Handbooks

It's time to take the stress out of hiring new employees and create easy onboarding.

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Without a handbook, employees get confused.

Do your employees know what's expected of them?

Company handbooks make sure no one is confused about policies, procedures, values, vision, mission, and culture. They serve as legal documents and provide a natural avenue for accountability. Simply put, a handbook saves you time and frustration.

Do any of these sound familiar?


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As an employer, you want an easy hiring and onboarding process. You want new employees to easily grasp the policies, culture, and mission of your company. And you want new hires to clearly understand what is required of them.

The problem is, a lot of these things are difficult to articulate so little to nothing actually gets written down.

The result? Miscommunication happens. Employees break company policies. You get frustrated and feel the need to micro-manage new hires, and the hiring experience becomes super stressful.
It doesn't have to be this way.
We believe teams are important for building profitable businesses. We also believe your hiring process to create good teams should be easy and clear for both you and your employees.
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We make it easy for you to clearly communicate what is expected of new employees and how they fit into your company mission. Specifically, we do the leg work of compiling and packaging a professionally designed handbook for your business.

Developing a good handbook matters as it often serves as a legal agreement between you and your employees. But let's face it. With carrying the weight of upper-level leadership, you don't have time to mess with a handbook.

We're here to help.

How we develop your handbook

After 40+ combined years of working with businesses and non-profits, and making many hiring decisions along the way, we're ready to create a handbook that works for your company.

Learn the nitty-gritty of both what makes your business run and the culture you've created.

You want your business to reflect your personal values and culture. That's why we begin by getting to know you as the owner and hearing your vision for the company you have created.


Evaluate or develop a business vision statement and core values.

If you've never created a vision statement and core values, we help you create these so the handbook can accurately communicate your desires for the company.


Create your clear and comprehensive handbook.

Finally, we create a professionally designed handbook. You can choose from an array of styling options and can even have it translated into Spanish, if need be. You choose, we do the work.

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“We hired INTEGRO to develop an online platform to better serve our users. The way Shawn helped us think through the project was incredibly helpful. The team delivered above and beyond our expectations.”
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Jonas has brought significant value to our company by helping us implement systems and procedures for future growth. He has also constantly challenged us to think bigger and taught us to have a Kingdom-focused mindset. Thank-you!
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"I hired Scott to find me a VA. He did an amazing job! Communication was spot on."
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Employee Handbook Development

We learn about the intricacies of your business so we can clearly communicate your business culture while creating an effective employee handbook.


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Vision and Mission Development

Through a prayerful and creative brainstorming process, we seek to draw out the purpose and plans God has given you for your company. From this, we carefully articulate your business vision and mission.


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Job Descriptions Creation

We help you clarify the responsibilities needed for each unique role inside your company. From that, we help develop accurate job descriptions for your business.


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Frequently asked questions

Why is it important to have an employee handbook?
Without a handbook, your employees won’t know what is expected of them. Clearly communicating your expectations via a handbook is important for the success and growth of your business.
What is required in an employee handbook?
An employee handbook should include your company's mission and vision, employee conduct and expectations, legal aspects of your employment, as well as perks and benefits.
What's the difference between an employee handbook and policy manual?
Employee handbooks are primarily written for your employees. More specifically, they are a tool to equip and provide your employees with much needed information. In contrast, a policy manual is a more detailed and complete tool for managers and supervisors.

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