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Start Your Own Business or Stick with Your Job? | Quiz

Have you wondered whether it's your true calling to run your own business? Have you felt burned out in your job and thought about starting your own enterprise?

Are you wondering if being self-employed is a good match for your personality and skills?

This assessment measures those characteristics that are associated with successfully being self-employed.

The results will give you an indication of whether you're better suited to entrepreneurship or a stable job at this point in time. 

Please complete all items. Rate each item on a scale of 1-5. Select the answer that best represents your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Choose how true each statement is for you.

If you’re considering becoming your own boss and starting your own business, it’s normal to face many questions.

In this instance, it’s good to think through these questions and fears to know whether this is something you should venture out and do or not.

This assessment will give you a wide array of questions to think though before jumping into anything too fast.

If you’re someone who loves being your own boss and is a highly self-motivated person this just might be the right next step for you!

If, however, you find yourself frightened at the thought of being your own boss and struggling to self-motivate yourself that could be a clear indication that this might not be the best step for you.

Along with many other good prompts, you’ll be encouraged to thrive in your gifting’s whatever those may be whether that's having your own business or working for someone else.

It’ll make a huge impact for you to be honest to yourself and evaluate whether this is the right next step for you.

Whether you find yourself drawn to entrepreneurship and being your own boss, or settling into a a consistent and stable job, we hope this assessment helps you thrive no matter where you end up.

Here's to finding your true calling! 

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