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Dutchies Stoneworks: From Overloaded CEO to Leading a Thriving Business

We get it. Your time equals money. But what can you do if you need more of both, right now? That’s a question Dave, CEO of Dutchies Stoneworks, desperately needed to answer. In 2015, solo management of a growing business kept Dave’s brain locked in overload mode. So he called us.

You should understand, Dave is a problem-solver. As a brand-new business owner in the early 2000’s, he found a way to float his fledgling team of stonemasons through the crash of the housing market. The business grew and adapted, widening its target customers. Teams were added. But all was not well. Dave was managing his business single-handedly, and his brain was carrying a crippling stress-load. He knew his exhaustion was stifling profits. 

That’s when Dave laced on his problem-solving boots, picked up the phone and called Integro 212. We sent him our coach, Jonas. 

"Delegating, that's my biggest roadblock to success," - Dave announced, so Jonas helped Dave unload his mental files into custom-made office systems crafted to hold team members accountable.

“Delegating, that’s my biggest roadblock to success,”

They created databases and wrote out processes. After this quality control foundation was built, Jonas helped Dave widen his management team and delegate tasks. They raised key employees in the system, rewarding expertise with higher pay and more power. Net profit grew. Dave’s workload decreased and his stress level began to lessen. 

Prior to partnering with Integro 212, Dave was holding truckloads of information inside his head. He was verbalizing instructions to his crews each morning. He managed his business alone, never having enough time to accomplish everything he wanted to do. Know the feeling?

Company growth after getting coached by Integro 212.

Because he chose to ask us for help, Dave now operates out of a fully staffed office. He’s tripled his crews in the field. Dave manages his company through an array of systems Jonas built specifically for him, empowering Dutchies Stoneworks to maintain the quality craftsmanship it was founded on. Customers are getting high-quality craftsmanship, just as they expected.

"Coaching improved both sales and profit," Dave told us,

"The span of time from 2015 to now is when our business really boomed. I've learned how to delegate, how to grow sales and marketing and how to keep my profits. Now we're restructuring again, and there's potential for even bigger growth." 

“I’ve learned how to delegate, how to grow sales and marketing and how to keep my profits. ”

Less stress, more profit and happy customers to boot. Sounds like getting more time and more money simultaneously is possible after all, wouldn’t you agree?