The DISC assessment is a personality test used by millions of leaders around the world to help interact with people, improve work environments and increase people's communication whether at work or home. Over 40 million people have used the DISC assessment to help improve their family and work environments.

Struggle to understand your personality? Finding it difficult to articulate your strengths and weaknesses? Confused why you’re not a better leader? Taking the DISC assessment will help you in more ways than one. You’ll be able to discern areas of strength and weaknesses. Understanding why you’ve struggled to deal with conflict and how to better handle it. Using the DISC assessment will increase your awareness and the ability to know what areas you’ll thrive in and areas you won’t.


DISC is an acronym that stands for the following:

D- Dominance

I- Influence

S- Steadiness

C- Conscientiousness

Each of these letters stands for the four basic behavioral styles. Below you’ll learn a little bit about each profile!


“D” is someone extroverted, task-oriented, and outgoing! These are people who you’ll most likely find in leadership positions. They’re quick to be direct, decisive, driven, and at times even demanding. There are pros and cons to this personality as there are in every personality type. They can sometimes be insensitive, blunt, and at times impatient.


“I” is extroverted, outgoing, and people-oriented! These people are often vocal and animated and tend to engage well in conversations with others. Those with the “I” personality type tend to energize others and are usually popular due to their social skills and charm. They can also easily become stressed and often are found overlooking the details and simple tasks that need to be done. They tend to have a strong desire to be like others and fear rejection from others.


“S” personality type is someone introverted, reserved, and people-oriented. They’re often found giving support, collaborating, and maintaining stability. They work hard to ensure harmony and balance in their work and home environment and are often easy-going, calm people. They can also often be quick to avoid conflict, are easily stressed, indecisive, and are often overly accommodating.


“C” personality types tend to be task-oriented, reserved, cautious, and contemplative. They are often detail-oriented, analytical, and intentional people. They often appear critical due to asking too many questions and are inquisitive. They often don’t enjoy fast-paced pressure and enjoy a slower pace due to confusion and uncertainty. They however can often be overanalyzing, isolating themselves, and fearing the criticism of other people.

Typical the DISC profile test takes about 15 minutes to complete and will help you in more than one area of your life. You’ll find yourself able to understand and work with your weaknesses while at the same time living out your strengths!

Why Should I Take the Test?

As a business leader taking the test as well as having employees take it as well can be incredibly helpful. You’ll be able to quickly understand your people in a far better way than before. Understanding your employee's personalities will help you know where to place them in the business. as well as how to address them according to their personality. And remember, though people are different and have different strengths and weaknesses you’ll find that when we all understand ourselves and each other you’ll be able to work together so much better!

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