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Executive Coaching

Get both one-on-one executive business coaching as well as group coaching to help you lead effectively.

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INTEGRO Coaching


Enjoy clear and consistent marketing that targets your audience across every channel.

INTEGRO Marketing

Marketing Services


Get custom software to scale your business using automation while improving your customer experience.

INTEGRO Software

Human Resources

Recruit top talent, develop a winning culture, and care for your existing employees.

INTEGRO Human Resources


Access high-level CFO insights, day-to-day bookkeeping, and accounting services.


Finance Services

Dissatisfied with your business growth?

Growing is hard. With so many moving pieces, it’s easy to waste time reacting and putting out fires.

Are you wasting time and money using clunky software?
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Are you struggling to properly support your team?
Are you constantly putting out fires?

A Proven Path to Exponential Growth

In forty-plus years of working in the business and non-profit world, we found most businesses fail to grow because they haven't set clear goals and aren't properly equipping their team with systems to handle growth. It doesn't have to be this way.

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Get clear on your goals

First, we'll help you clarify your vision and set specific goals.


Equip your team

Second, we'll walk with you in the process of developing systems, clarifying your message, and supporting a thriving team.


Scale your company

Third, we'll help you build the right tools so you can work smarter and scale your business without becoming a workaholic.

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Business can be a force for good.

As believers, we know business has the potential to transform lives, communities, and the entire world.

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Our team
“I love how they keep God at the forefront! Words can inspire, thoughts can provoke, but only action truly brings you closer to your dreams!”
Levi Lapp
Atlantic Outdoors
“When looking for a reliable business, look no further than Integro 212. The leadership team they have been working with has greatly improved thanks to their coaching. I would strongly recommend them to anyone.”
Kore Fisher
Fisher Auctions
“Jonas has brought significant value to our company by helping us implement systems and procedures for future growth.
He has also constantly challenged us to think bigger and taught us to have a Kingdom-focused mindset. Thank you!”
Michael Esh
E&E General Contracting

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