Create Happy and Healthy Teams with Integro Team Training

Watch your team perform at the highest level and ultimately win in the marketplace.

A healthy team makes productivity fun.

How healthy is your team?

When everyone on your team knows their value and has clarity about their role,
you can get a lot done while having incredible fun!

Remove the clarity, however, and things start deteriorating quickly.
Teams face frustration, there's a loss of friendships,
and individuals become increasingly unproductive.

Do any of these sound familiar?


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As a leader, you want your team to be healthy and performing at a high level. The problem is, too often people get placed in the wrong positions. This leads to friction and dissatisfaction, making everyone feel frustrated and burned out!
We make it easy to help your team figure out where their passion and God-given talents align. This way, people get placed in the right seats and are moving in the right direction, having the time of their lives!
Profile photo of Dan Lapp CEO and Executive Business Coach for IntegroINTEGRO Coaching
We believe working as a team should be a fun and rewarding experience.

In over forty years of combined experience working with teams, we've had the privilege of being on some really fun teams. So naturally, we began asking ourselves, why aren't all teams this way?

We discovered many team members are unclear around their exact role on a team. They don't understand themselves, and they're confused about the larger story they are fitting into. Not to mention, the culture of a team flows directly out of the people on the team, and people are complex.

The result? Working as a team can be challenging. That's why today, we've poured ourselves into coaching high performing and healthy teams.
Integro Team Training is for business owners and company leaders who want healthy and high-performing teams. Because when you are able to work together as a vibrant team, everyone is able to go farther faster.

We offer customizable packages for coaching teams so team members can better understand themselves, better relate with each other, and better align with their God-given skillsets and passions.

We meet with your team.

Each package includes an initial meeting with your team. In this meeting we clarify what your goals are as a team, assess how well you are hitting those goals, and discuss the obstacles standing in your way.


Team members learn to better understand themselves and others.

Next, we dive into personal assessments with tools such as DISC, Predictive Index, and other helpful resources for better understanding ourselves as individuals.


People get placed in the right positions.

The better we understand our own skills and passions, the better we know who should be in what position. Plus, as people find roles that align with their God-given talents and interests, they start performing at higher levels.


You get a vibrant and thriving team!

And this is when things get really fun!

"We are very pleased with the customized program and dashboard Shawn built for us. It is user friendly for both the customer and the staff on our end. And Shawn has been very helpful and good to work with when revisions and updates needed to be made"
VIP Puppies
“We hired INTEGRO to develop an online platform to better serve our users. The way Shawn helped us think through the project was incredibly helpful. The team delivered above and beyond our expectations.”
Paul Wengerd
Swiss Made Pastries
Jonas has brought significant value to our company by helping us implement systems and procedures for future growth. He has also constantly challenged us to think bigger and taught us to have a Kingdom-focused mindset. Thank-you!
Michael Esh
E&E General Contracting
"I hired Scott to find me a VA. He did an amazing job! Communication was spot on."
John Lapp
Duco Accounting

Team training pricing

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For groups of

10 employees or less


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Package Two

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10-30 employees


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Frequently asked questions

What is meant by team training?
We walk alongside you to create teams that are efficient, incredibly productive, and fun.
What is an example of team training?
We'll lead employees in working together on projects in a way that capitalizes on each employee's strengths while increasing productivity as a whole.
What is the process of team training?
We come alongside you and your employees to both learn personalities and group dynamics and discover where each employee will thrive the most. This way you can increase your productivity and start having fun together!
How do you build a successful team?
When you understand your employee's strengths, weaknesses, areas of experience and expertise, you can build a team where each person is thriving in their specific role.
What makes a strong team?
Creating a strong team begins by listening, understanding and placing each employee in a position where they can grow and thrive.
Who is team training for?
Team training is for anyone who wants a strong, unified team but is struggling to bring their team together in the workplace.