A Wholistic Approach to Business

Helping owners meet the spiritual and emotional needs of their team members

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Your employees face difficult issues in life.

Are you prepared to help them?

When people go through challenging times, it affects how well they can focus on their work. Specifically, if your employees don't have someone to process the issues of life alongside, they may grow distant from God and become a drag to work with.

Do any of these sound familiar?


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Many Christian owners want their company to be a place where people meet God. The problem is, many of their employees are struggling with questions and issues they don’t always know what to do with. This leads owners to feeling helpless and discouraged.
We make it easy for your business to be a place of both discovering Jesus and finding spiritual and emotional healing. We do this by providing a personal chaplain for your employees to meet with on a monthly basis.
Profile photo of Jonas Stoltzfus Executive Business Coach at IntegroINTEGRO Human Resources
We believe God cares about every person and every aspect of life.

But we can relate - as business owners, it's often hard knowing how to care for the spiritual and emotional needs of our employees.

Integro Business Chaplains are ordained ministers trained in God's Word and are ready to help people know Jesus more deeply.

Meet with a business chaplain and write your life story.

By writing out the positive and negative turns in life, our chaplains guide each employee in better understanding God's story as revealed through scripture.


Discover how your life fits into God's larger story.

We are not autonomous creatures living in a man-made world. Rather, we are bearers of God's image, and active participants in a story God is writing throughout creation.


Know Jesus deeply and live a thriving life.

As we better understand ourselves in relation to God's larger story, we can experience Jesus at a deeper level than ever before. The more we know Jesus and find identity and purpose in Him, the more truly helpful our work in this world can be.

"We are very pleased with the customized program and dashboard Shawn built for us. It is user friendly for both the customer and the staff on our end. And Shawn has been very helpful and good to work with when revisions and updates needed to be made"
VIP Puppies
“We hired INTEGRO to develop an online platform to better serve our users. The way Shawn helped us think through the project was incredibly helpful. The team delivered above and beyond our expectations.”
Paul Wengerd
Swiss Made Pastries
Jonas has brought significant value to our company by helping us implement systems and procedures for future growth. He has also constantly challenged us to think bigger and taught us to have a Kingdom-focused mindset. Thank-you!
Michael Esh
E&E General Contracting
"I hired Scott to find me a VA. He did an amazing job! Communication was spot on."
John Lapp
Duco Accounting

Business chaplain packages

Package One

For companies with

less than 50 employees

$5000 / month

Up to 10 hours / week

(with flexibility for extra hours for weddings, funerals and other special events)

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Package Two

For companies with

50-100 employees

$7200 / month

Up to 15 hours / week

(with flexibility for extra hours for weddings, funerals and other special events)

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Package Three

For companies with

100+ employees

$9200 / month

Up to 20 hours / week

(with flexibility for extra hours for weddings, funerals and other special events)

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Frequently asked questions

What does a business chaplain do?
A business chaplain helps meet the emotional and spiritual needs of your staff. By having a business chaplain, you can be proactive and dissolve many issues before they get very big.
Why do companies have chaplains?
Sometimes it's hard knowing how to help meet the large array of needs among your employees. That's where a business chaplain comes in. Having a business chaplain allows you (the business owner) to focus on other areas of your business while at the same time knowing your staff's emotional and spiritual needs are being met.
What do business chaplains offer?
A business chaplain comes alongside you and your employees during crisis situations both at home and in the office, and provides much needed spiritual and emotional support.

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