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Discover How Integro Helped Stoltzfus Structures’ Team Performance

“Whenever I’m not around, this place falls apart!”

When was the last time you opened the office door after being on vacation, only to feel a wave of chaos slap you in the face? Feeling overwhelmed and indispensable–that was the norm for Jonathan, the general manager of Stoltzfus Structures. It was a norm he did not love.

Life was a sprint from the moment Jonathan bought into Stoltzfus Structures.

At age twenty-eight his entire focus zeroed in on management. As you can imagine, although Jonathan was young he couldn’t sprint forever! Jonathan’s work load increased with every added company success. By 2017, annual sales hit eighteen million dollars--and Jonathan’s stress level was completely maxed out. That’s when Jonathan called us.

“I want a reliable base structure to build from.I need a system to manage office structure--which directly affects my workload.”Jonathan told our coach, Jonas.

Jonathan's goal was to transfer part of his management responsibility to other team members.

First, the foundation of Stoltzfus Structures needed to be rebuilt. Jonas addressed this need immediately, helping Jonathan compose statements defining Stoltzfus Structures’ mission. Step one, unified company vision, was now complete.

Jonas moved on to the next item of business: redefining management roles.

“What are the seats at the table?” Jonas asked.

Together, the two men reconfigured management roles and pinpointed which roles needed additional help.

Next, Jonas showed Jonathan how to define the responsibilities of every player on the company team. Naming the strengths and weaknesses of Jonathan’s team members was a key part of the implementation step, as Jonas helped the company place people into positions that best fit their giftings. They trained staff members and hired additional skilled help. As teammates shifted into new responsibilities, Jonathan’s stress didn’t minimize at all--his life became even crazier! But he staunchly implemented the new HR policies which Jonas helped him establish.

Within the first four months of coaching with Integro, the company clock began to tick steadily without constant tuning. Teammates understood their newly clarified roles. They could visualize their individual areas of authority and take responsibility for things that went wrong within them. Team members began to self-lead with less friction. Young and old alike excelled at greater levels.

By the end of 2021, Jonathan’s annual sales exceeded thirty-five million dollars. He is incredibly pleased with his new general manager, the success of whom has allowed Jonathan space to pursue additional business ventures.

"What is it like to watch lower-level leaders take responsibility for managing the areas under their control?" we asked Jonathan.

Without skipping a beat he replied:

“Satisfying. Very satisfying!”

That sure sounds like the voice of refreshed vision to us!