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Discover Your Leadership Potential | Quiz

Many leadership characteristics can be learned with time and experience.

Many others are inborn or natural to the individual.

These are the people who have been leaders since kindergarten.

They are the born leaders.

There are several keys to strong leadership abilities. Many are beyond the obvious.

Take this assessment to find out how strong the leader in you is.

The results will tell you whether you have what it takes naturally and have all the learned skills or whether you could work on learning some more leadership skills.

Please complete all items. Rate each item on a scale of 1-5.

Select the answer that best represents your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors regarding your leadership characteristics. Choose how true each statement is for you.

Are you someone who is always happy and ready to take on the leadership role in any group activity or business plan? 

Perhaps you love leading but aren't sure if your skills are what they ought to be in order to lead other people well?

This assessment will give you insight into whether you're a natural born leader or not.

Leadership isn't for everyone.

For some it's something they've had to learn and through time and experience have become strong, able leaders.

Meanwhile others have had to push themselves to become able leaders, perhaps through failure or the insight of the people around them, either way they've had to acquire the ability to lead well.

If you're one who is a natural born leader, it's most likely something your parents and those close to you saw at a young age.

Perhaps you were always the child leading the group game or activity, or always planning another get together and organizing roles.

If this was you, you most likely are a natural born leader.

Leadership means not only more control but also more responsibility.

As a leader you have a lot of say in what happens and how it happens.

These leadership skills can be a huge blessing to the people around you when used correctly.

What do we mean when we say used correctly? 

We believe humility is a key aspect in every business leader.

When you're able to recognize your flaws and be open to correction from other people, you're on the right track.

Instead of thinking your leadership skills set you above everyone else, you're able to recognize other peoples gifts and also your flaws.

You'll become the leader that others want to be under.

Leadership isn't for anyone, but being a natural born leader is a blessing! 

And choosing to maneuver your gifts in an honoring way will bless the people around and under you in more ways than just one.

So here's to leading well! 

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