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Our Story

Welcome to Integro!

First things first, we are passionate about bringing the wind back into your company's sails. Literally. We are here to walk alongside you and scale the impact of your business!

Specifically, we are passionate about seeing businesses not only increase their sales but also discover what it looks like to thrive in every area of life.

Before we go too far, let’s take a look at the heartbeat behind it all.

The Mission Behind Integro

We believe business can be a force for good. We also believe business is changing the world. Why do we believe this? Because when businesses succeed, the lives of families improve, which leads to flourishing communities and a thriving world.

In order for a business to succeed, however, companies need specific tools and services.

That’s where we come in. We can come alongside your company to provide the tools and services you need specific to your business.

So ultimately you can be a thriving business, which can then positively impact your community and the world around you.

Wondering how we got here? Let's back up and see how it all started.

How it all began…


Meet Jonas

  • Jonas, with his brothers, started a business called Country Lane Gazebos. He faithfully worked alongside family for 22 years, during which the company grew to eight figures in annual sales.
  • Jonas thoroughly enjoyed both the work and investing in people in his community.
  • Things began to change for him after they hired a business coach. Jonas saw first-hand the positive and powerful impact a business coach had on his business.
  • After much thought and consideration, Jonas decided it was time to venture out on his own. After discovering the impact coaching had on his own business, he knew it was something he wanted to offer to others.
  • Jonas branched off from the family business to start Stoltzfus Impact Coaching.


Meet Dan

  • During the next six months, Jonas spent many hours in conversations with a man named Dan.
  • Dan had spent the past 20 years in non-profit leadership roles. He started three non-profits and today is a partner in two different companies.
  • Jonas saw how Dan thrived in creating vision, clarity, and strategies in helping a business grow.
  • Jonas also missed the elements of having a team. So come 2020, Dan officially bought into the company!
  • Dan cast a fantastic vision to increase and scale the business!


Meet Scott

  • Dan and Jonas met Scott and began discussing the possibility of having him join the company.
  • Scott had extensive experience in leading groups of men and was deeply passionate about building teams. His history included owning several businesses and starting a non-profit.
  • Six months later, Scott joined the team!


Meet Shawn

  • The team at Integro began discussions with Shawn, the owner and CEO of Electron Innovations in Ohio.
  • Shawn had been creating custom software for nearly a decade and had built a company from zero to fifty employees in less than four years! He also had extensive experience creating intricate systems on a variety of platforms.
  • After discussing things over, Shawn decided to join the crew!
  • Dan, Jonas, Scott, and Shawn began discussing the possibility of changing the business coaching company to a business growth company.
  • The team purchased Electron Innovations and hired multiple employees, some of whom moved states to remain a part of the business.
  • The company was renamed from Stoltzfus Impact Coaching to Integro.
  • And the rest is history :)

Why Integro?

We want to see businesses grow. Yet more than mere growth alone, our key goal is to see businesses grow with integrity.

In fact, the three elements that drew the Integro team together are:

  1. We believe we can do more together than we can alone.
  2. We desire to impact the world one community at a time.
  3. We want to see lives and communities thrive in every area of life.

Why we exist:

We exist to:

  • Build kingdom-focused businesses
  • Finish the Great Commission
  • Develop skilled leaders
  • Inspire growth in people
  • Build cohesion in relationships and networks
  • Build collaboration and connection

How can we help you…practically?

We offer a variety of services to help you both run and grow your company well. Our current services are:

Executive Coaching

Executive Business Coaching

Executive business coaching helps you both clarify and reach your goals. Specifically, business coaching can help you develop a strategy, build your team, and live in your sweet spot.

Whether you find yourself desiring to have clearer goals, pursue greater growth, or simply create efficient systems of accountability and excellence, coaching is here to help you.

Executive business coaching is a valuable asset to owners, CEOs, department heads, executives, and employees in key positions.

So what are you waiting for? Business coaching can literally take your business to the next level! Schedule a call with our experienced coaches and get ready for some serious business growth!



Custom business software can help your business grow faster, with less stress. Unfortunately, every year companies waste large amounts of money and resources using software that is outdated and difficult to use. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We create software customizable to your business. So as your business grows, your software can do everything you want it to do.

Who is custom business software for? It’s for businesses wanting to simplify processes and streamline workflow. Improving efficiency, automating tasks, gaining better visibility, and facilitating better decisions are but a few of the things custom software can do for you.

Human Resources

Human Resources

No matter what industry you find your business in, people are always your core component.

So when companies invest in people not as assets, but as real people, it shows. In fact, recognizing that people are more than just assets has more to do with your succeeding or failing as a business than almost anything else.

That’s why we offer human resources to help you create a healthy team, have clear written policies, and make sure you have the legal coverage you need as a business. Whether you need specific HR-related services or simply want ongoing support, we got you!


Creating an attractive website that clearly communicates your services is key in growing a company. Yet too often, businesses struggle to create a website that draws customers in.

Why is this? It begins with a lack of clarity. Perhaps the design isn’t user-friendly. Or your services are unclear. Maybe you’re missing a clear call to action. All of these result in people bouncing on and off your site without ever doing business with you. Too often, your potential customers leave without ever realizing how you could make their lives better.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. Opt for a well-curated website and boom. It can and will take your business to the next level!

That’s why we offer clear and attractive websites: so you can feel confident in your online presence. For once, you can know when customers come to your site, they’ll be drawn in and want to do business with you.


Are you juggling a million things and unable to keep up with various areas in your business? Do you struggle to keep up with bills while ensuring financial accuracy? This can be both frustrating and expensive.

So once again, we got you! We’re here to equip you with needed tools. Whether it’s as basic as providing a bookkeeper, training, or a more comprehensive package of office and administrative solutions, we’re here to see you succeed.

Plus, when you implement our business management software package, we ensure your bookkeeping, payroll, inventory management, and/or work order solution is as smooth as possible. Not to mention, our software will help simplify your business management with financial, payroll, and reporting tools.

It’s time you have the time and energy you need to devote to areas in your business that really matter.

Here’s to making your business more profitable!

Wrapping it up, we are committed to helping you set clear, attainable goals while equipping your team with the resources they need to succeed.

And while we are cheering you on, we’re also ready to coach you in lasting company growth.

Are you ready?