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Discover your Stress Coping Strategies | Quiz

Everyone has stress.

Between worrying about paying your bills, problems with work, concerns about family members, day-to-day hassles, and difficult people in your life, there is a lot to be stressed about.

Rather than tell you that you are stressed (to which most people respond, “yes, now tell me something that I don't know.”), this measure looks at how you are coping with the stressors in your life.

The mere presence of stress does not imply something problematic.

The key is how you react to the stress.

The results will give you an assessment of how well you are coping. You will receive information on how healthy your coping strategies are.

Please complete all items. Rate each item on a scale of 1-5.

Select the answer that best represents your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors regarding your responses to stress. Choose how true each statement is for you.