BONUS: A 90 Day Employee Review

Scott Lengacher

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BONUS: A 90 Day Employee Review

Here to take your 90 day employee review? 

Once you complete it, you’ll have a better understanding of your first 90 days of working at your new job.

Intentionality is a powerful tool to take your business to the next level.

That’s why we’ve created this 90 day review! Here to help the growth of you, your employee, and the future of your business. Included are in-depth questions to evaluate your employees strengths and weaknesses, receive valuable insight into the company, learn about areas that need to be improvised, as well as whether your employee is in a position they can thrive.

Once completed, you’ll receive a clearer vision of what moving forward will look like, insight into areas of you business that need more attention, and help you become a more successful business.

New employees often see areas of your business that are lacking, or areas needing improvement. Yet they too can easily slip into the rut and in a few months completely forget those details they noticed at the beginning. Stopping to ask them questions and hear their perspective is a powerful tool to help you and your business. Showing them you value their opinion and insight will also encourage and build up your employee. It’ll reveal to them the important role they play in the business.

We get it, as a business owner it’s easy to get stuck in unhealthy ruts without even knowing it. That’s why hearing from someone with a fresh perspective and fresh eyes will have a powerful impact on your business. Their fresh perspective won’t last forever, which is why it’s such a powerful tool to get feedback from them early on!

As an employer it’s your job to make sure your employees have the tools and resources they need to do their job well. But without asking, how will you know? Making sure you communicate with your employee and ask the right questions will have a dramatic impact on the future of your business.

It’s incredibly valuable to have open, clear communication with your employees in order for your business to thrive. And taking the 90 day review will set you up to continue open, positive communication with your employee.

The success of your business is highly dependent on your employees. Which is why evaluating their areas of expertise and placing them in the areas where they thrive is so important. But how will you know that unless you start asking? So what are you waiting for? Above you’ll find the 90 day assessment that will take your business to the next level!

Taking no more than 15 minutes, you’ll receive insightful feedback from your employee and show you what the next step is to scale your business.

Know we’re cheering you on as we walk out this journey together!