Handbook Development

Handbook Development

Do you feel overwhelmed simply at the thought of creating a Handbook? Struggling with where to start as far as policies, culture, and the mission of your company? If you’ve never sat down to think through your mission, culture, and policies we get it that this can feel overwhelming. And that’s why we’re here to walk alongside you and help you create and develop a well-rounded Handbook.

Why Do I Need a Handbook?

You may be wondering why you even need a handbook in the first place? Great question! Without clear written policies your employees will be confused. Miscommunication will happen far too often. Your team will lack unification and your company will have more than one loose end. Not only that but onboarding will be much more difficult. You'll need to make sure you've communicated all your policies to new employees and we all know it's far too easy to miss a few when we have to remember them all on the spot.

Creating Vision & Core Values

Feeling stressed? We’re here to help you! By coming alongside you we’ll walk you through the nitty-gritty of learning what your purpose, vision, and mission as a business are. Helping you discover the culture you’ve created and the culture you want to create in the long term. We’ll help you discover and develop a vision for your business and the core values you find important.

Developing Employee Handbooks

We’ll also help you develop a clear, easy-to-understand handbook for your employees. You’ll employees will appreciate the honest, clear communication and laid out guidelines. Instead of constantly feeling like you need to micro-manage you'll know all your expectations are communicated clearly. And you'll finally have the peace of mind you've been longing for!

Handbook’s for Hiring

But that's not all! Do you often struggle with the feeling as though hiring isn't worth the stress and time? Tired of continually having to come up with things on the spot? With handbook development, you’ll find your onboarding process simpler than ever before! You simply need to hand over the handbook and they'll have all the information as far as policies without you needing to come up with something right on the spot. Communication will be far better, policies will be laid out, and your business will thrive as you take these intentional steps.

We’re Here to Help You

So whether you're looking for Handbook Development, Vision and Mission Development, or Job Descriptions Creation, you're at the right place. Click here for more information regarding Integro's pricing and information regarding Integro's Handbook Development!

Free Consultations

Still not sure if this is something you need? No worries! We offer free consultations so you can determine whether this is something right for you before spending even a dime.

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