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BONUS: Here's Your Yearly Employee Evaluation

Do you struggle to communicate with employees? Finding it difficult to discuss the hard topics? Knowing you could be running a smoother, more successful business but afraid of facing conflict head-on? 

We get it! As a boss, you have the responsibility to communicate and push your people to higher standards while at the same time encouraging and building them up. Sound difficult? We've been there too and want to help you overcome obstacles and strive for excellence in employee and boss interactions.

Below you'll find a simple resource that will help you communicate both the positives and negatives of your employee's performance. This is a fantastic resource to springboard conversations that you've known need to happen but have been procrastinating.

Once completed we encourage you to take the time to discuss the results with your employee. Don't be afraid of conflict while at the same time making sure you notice their strengths and areas they've excelled in.

So what are you waiting for? 

Please complete all items. Rating each item on a scale of 1-5.

We hope you find this resource both helpful and encouraging. And highly encourage you to take the time to intentionally look over the results. Don't miss this opportunity to scale the impact of your business.

Know we're cheering you on as you lead your company with intentionality!