Recruiting and Hiring

Recruiting and Hiring

Tired of the constant turnover of employees? Frustrated because of the lack of commitment and struggling to find the right people for the right positions?

We get it, as a business leader/owner one of the hardest aspects is recruiting and hiring. Do you hire simply because you’re desperate even if you don’t feel it’s the right fit? Sometimes you feel so desperate that you end up hiring someone that’s not fit for the position. We get it. And we don’t want you to continue on this downward spiral of hiring the wrong people. And that’s why we believe in the importance of recruiting and hiring the right people for the right positions.

Develop a Recruiting & Hiring Process

The obvious place to start is to develop a recruiting and hiring process to walk through each new application. Choosing to have a thorough thought-through process will transform the way you hire. You’ll be astonished to find that this simple change will impact your entire company.

Maybe you’ve known you need a better recruiting and hiring process for a while now and yet you’ve felt overwhelmed by the entire process? We get it. And that’s why we’ve come up with a few helpful tips to get you on the right path for hiring and onboarding the right people for the right positions.

What Now?

Don’t know where to start? We’ll help you out.

Start by identifying your company's specific needs. Determine the position that needs to be filled, and lay out a clear job description. In writing out your job description make sure you include their responsibilities, expectations, and the vision of your business. It’s so important that you’re upfront and clear with your employee right away!

Developing Job Descriptions

Once you’ve developed the job description you’ll need to start the recruitment process. Once you’ve received applicants you’ll get the fun part of screening them all. Depending on the current state of the economy you may be overwhelmed by the number of applications or perhaps you’ll only have a few to choose from. Either way, this stage is important!

Screening them simply means you’ll look over their applications, resumes, etc, and determine who seems to fit the positions best. Once you’ve determined who these are you can begin the interview phase. This is a fantastic place to ask important questions and determine if this is right for both you and the applicant. Determine whether they fit your vision and mission as a company, whether they fit the job description and if they would do well in the position you’re hiring for.

If they fit the position well and seem to be the right fit then comes the fun part of extending the offer! Make sure you communicate clearly and make it formal and professional. You’ll then need to wait to hear back from them and trust that if this is the right job for them, they’ll accept it.

Onboarding & Training

Having professional, well-performed onboarding and training is just as important as the hiring process. You’ll need to set up a thorough training to get each employee onboarded as simply and quickly as possible. This will have a dramatic effect on the retention of employees.

Your employees want to know what’s expected of them and how to do that well. Make sure you communicate with them your expectations and help them to understand what their day-to-day work will look like. Make sure you cover guidelines and give them access to the business handbook, both of which will help them understand the processes and expectations

Ultimately, we hope through a thorough hiring and onboarding process you’ll be able to gain and retain the right people for the right positions.

Here’s to improving your hiring and recruiting process!