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Get bookkeeping solutions and know your numbers are accurately documented, analyzed, and interpreted.

Turns out, you can have accurate books.

Sure, good bookkeeping can be stressful. There are numbers to record, reports to read, and data to accurately interpret. Not to mention, when it comes to bookkeeping, there's little room for error.
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Get ahead with reliable bookkeeping solutions.

We offer reliable bookkeeping services in Lancaster, PA. And yes, we're ready to do the dirty work of getting your books in order so you can enjoy living with less stress.

Do any of these sound familiar?


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Everything you need for clean and accurate books.

Be confident that your data is correct

Get access to the proper reports when you need them

Get assistance translating your numbers so you can easily understand them

Here are four ways to get your books in order:



Our bookkeeper will help you with all things bookkeeping including entering bills, payroll, balancing your books, and making sure everything is done accurately and on time.


Is payroll leaving you stressed? We'll enter time, prepare each payment, print the checks, and pay needed tax deposits. We can also take care of quarterly services, year end filing, and necessary W2's for all your employees.

It's time you enjoy peace of mind knowing your team is getting paid and being taken care of.


We’ll help you review your cash and credit card statements, making sure cash flow is accounted accordingly and entries aren’t missed or entered twice.

Plus, when it comes to year-end reconciliation, we ensure W2’s and 1099’s are entered correctly and on time.

Clean Up

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Created for business pros like you

With 35+ years of experience using EBMS, QuickBooks, and other accounting systems, we're ready to give you greater financial accuracy and consistency.

We are both Quickbooks certified and EBMS certified. Plus, we commit to giving you peace of mind knowing your books are in good hands and under watchful eyes.

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How it works

We help clean up
your books

Enjoy accurate accounting

Know your books are in order!

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Frequently asked questions

How will Integro Finance help my business?
Integro Finance will help you finally get your books in order and under control. The result? You'll be relieved of unwanted stress and your business will be protected from future IRS issues.
Why do I need Integro Finance?
Without accurate bookkeeping, your business could take a quick downward spiral at any moment. Sooner or later, IRS tracking will catch your errors, leaving you and your company to pick up the pieces.
What happened to Golden Rule Business's website?
We are excited to officially announce that Golden Rule Business Services recently joined the team at Integro!

Both companies’ visions and values are in close alignment with each other, making this an excellent fit for each other. This new change now allows the team to offer even further assistance on EBMS custom projects and other financial services!
What does this mean for previous Golden Rule Business customers?
While services will continue as before, customers now have an entire team of developers, EBMS experts, and service providers to draw from. You can now get assistance in services including marketing, custom software, human resources, and business coaching. If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to reach out to us anytime!

Discover the TOP FIVE bookkeeping mistakes

that get businesses in trouble with the IRS, plus how to avoid them!

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