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Transformative Collaboration: Fisher Backyard Structures’ Journey with Coach Jonas from Integro Coaching

This case study delves into the profound collaboration between Fisher Backyard Structures and Coach Jonas from Integro Coaching. Mose, Manny, and Matt, the owners of Fisher Backyard Structures, recount their journey with Coach Jonas, highlighting the transformative impact on their company.

Fisher Backyard Structures, initially generating around $900,000 annually with three employees,in 2018 sought the guidance of Coach Jonas. This coaching engagement was aimed at addressing challenges related to leadership dynamics, communication, and overall business health and growth.

Mose and Manny praiseCoach Jonas for his mediating role as a coach in the face of differing opinions among the three owners, fostering collaboration. Coach Jonas played a pivotal role in developing leadership and healthy team dynamics at the leadership level.Implementing systems, coupled with the emphasis on writing down goals and plans,has led to a more organized management approach, steering the company away from impromptu decision-making.

The financial impact is substantial. Under Coach Jonas' guidance, Fisher Backyard Structures experienced exponential growth in the following years, increasing annual revenue from $900,000 to $3.5 million. The profitability also improved from 11%to a projected 16%. The company's workforce has grown from three employees at the start of the coaching journey to a current team of 14, aligning with the broader goal of creating a robust and efficient organization.

The introduction of effective systems, as recommended by Coach Jonas, has significantly contributed to stress reduction. Having the coach as an external opinion has offered a valuable perspective, alleviating the stress associated with decision-making.The coaching intervention facilitated a cultural shift, encouraging the establishment of defined roles and responsibilities.

The implementation of organizational charts, safety training, and plans for future expansion,including owning a dedicated facility, exemplifies the structural changes made during the coaching engagement. Manny reflects on the personal growth fostered by Coach Jonas, highlighting increased self-confidence and the ability to step outside one's comfort zone as evident outcomes.

The partnership between Fisher Backyard Structures and Coach Jonas has been instrumental in the company's holistic transformation. From financial growth and improved team dynamics to stress management and personal development, the collaborative successes underscore the value of a strategic coaching relationship. Fisher Backyard Structures stands as a testament to the positive impact that a dedicated coach can have on both organizational and individual levels.