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Financial and Personal Growth for Buffalo River Truss

Financial and Personal Growth for Buffalo River Truss—And How You Can Achieve the Same

Buffalo River Truss, a metal truss manufacturer in Lobelville TN, was stuck.

Owners Mahlon and Monroe Miller knew they wanted to grow their business—but didn’t know how. So, to help navigate that next phase, they took a chance: hiring a business coach and embarking on a journey of growth together.

That decision—and choosing to work with Integro’s Coach Jonas—was the first step in a transformation the brothers were not expecting.

In the 3-4 years Jonas worked with the Millers, Buffalo River Truss experienced tremendous growth—with revenues surging from $5M to $10.7M while the workforce expanded from roughly 15 to 50 employees. 

And these results—as remarkable as they are—are merely the outgrowth of a deeper transition facilitated by coach Jonas.

Looking back, Mahlon sees their time together as one of significant personal development—and it was through their relationship that he (Mahlon) developed the self-confidence needed to move forward in faith and overcome fear.

Their relationship was one built on trust and mutual respect. And because of their personal and professional connection, Jonas was able to encourage Mahlon to meet his challenges head on and take the risks needed to propel the business forward.

“The approachability and receptiveness of Mahlon and Monroe to learning and improving themselves and their business has been remarkable,” Jonas comments. “This openness on their part has accelerated their growth and significantly increased the value of their business.”

Reflecting on their collaborative journey, Mahlon expresses gratitude. “Our partnership with Jonas has been instrumental in ensuring our custom goods are in line and our backend operations are optimized for profitability—he helped us get started.” 

And the profound effects of that early relationship are still being realized today.