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Fairhill Precision’s Upward Trajectory: The Journey of Frank Horst and Coach Milford

In the dynamic world of business, having a seasoned coach can be a game-changer.

This case study features the journey of Frank Horst, founder of Fairhill Precision, a Machine shop in Rockingham County, VA, and his time under the mentorship of Coach Milford from Integro 212.

After working with Coach Milford for around a year and a half, Horst has enjoyed notable changes across his company–most notably improved relationships with employees and a clearer financial view with an eye on tracking and working toward defined goals.

While the financial changes have been positive, Horst relates the deeper reason for valuing his partnership with Coach Milford: his Christian viewpoints and focus on integrity above and beyond financial gain.

It’s because of these shared values – and prioritizing ethical business practices – that Horst takes Milford’s approach seriously. As a coach, Horst says Milford is not overly pushy, but does provide the accountability he needs to make positive change. 

Milford has also been a consistent source of support throughout this entire process, and recently helped Horst through the difficult situation of choosing to layoff a troublesome employee.

While Horst had previously worked with two other coaches, he chose Milford due to his unique blend of Christian values, business acumen and his focus on integrity. This alignment of values and shared goals made Milford an ideal coach for Fairhill Precision.

Of his experience, Horst passionately advocates for business coaching, stating:

“I would not start a business without a business coach–period. I’m very satisfied and I feel like it’s worth it. I’m very pleased with my coaching.”

In conclusion, the partnership between Coach Milford and Frank Horst exemplifies the power of a well-aligned coaching relationship–one that fosters growth, integrity, and success for everyone involved.

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