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From Scam to Safe: How VIP Puppies is Protecting Puppy Buyers with Custom Software

Imagine buying and selling puppies without fearing you’ll get scammed.

Thanks to cutting-edge software, VIP Puppies will be going from an average marketplace for puppies to today’s amazon for puppies, except more relational.

From start to finish, we created a complete platform where it’s super easy for people to find their dream puppy, scam-free.

First, we made the buying process-relational by creating on-platform messaging where breeders and buyers can communicate quickly and efficiently.

Buyers can communicate directly with breeders, and breeders have the privilege of approving or denying buyers, thus ensuring each puppy goes to a safe and loving home.

For easy access, we created both an app and mobile website. Once on the platform, buyers can enjoy filters to easily narrow down what they are looking for.

After finding the right puppy, buyers benefit from financing options and integrated payments right on the platform.

For the breeder, we created generators to quickly create winning breeder stories and puppy descriptions. It’s super easy to list multiple puppies from the same litter, include photos of parent dogs, and list relevant pedigree info.

Thanks to intentional thinking ahead, the platform is completely automated and requires no manual control for normal operation.

This project is scheduled to go live in the spring of 2022.