Construction Software

Construction Software

Struggling to streamline processes in your construction company? Finding your productivity levels drop? Tired of losing track of projects and not being aware of where they’re at? We get it. Running a construction company isn’t easy. There are hundreds of details that you have to keep track of. If you’re often out on the job it’s easy for little details in the office to fall through the cracks and things to get missed. If you’re tired of stressing overestimates and the lack of company systems then construction software is right for you! You’ll be provided with everything you need to simplify your processes, streamline systems and increase your productivity.

Where Do You Start?

Feeling frustrated and stressed at the idea of knowing where to even start when it comes to finding the right software for your company? Afraid of needing multiple software options due to the wide range of needs in a construction company? No need to worry. Integro's Construction Company Software will provide you with everything you could need as a construction business owner.

What You’ll be Given Access To

You'll be provided with Lead Management/CRM to receive auto-scheduling, reminders, sales routes, statistics, info gathering, entry and so much more. You'll enjoy being able to quickly estimate projects, and access detailed parts lists including price, lead time, and materials. You won't regret it! And we do not doubt that you'll be shocked by the huge amount of details and information you'll be able to quickly and easily access.

And that's not all! You’ll be given access to a wide range of things including your win/loss ratio of estimates in sales, access to an overview of sales, access to a calendar view, and projects starting and finishing. You’ll also be equipped with everything you need to view all the projects assigned to different project managers, get project details, and everything a project manager could need.

Wondering how your payroll will work with this new software? No need to stress. You'll be able to connect to Quickbooks so you'll receive direct invoices to Quickbooks and be able to continue your payroll as before.

Wondering how to keep track of job costs and analysis? Integro Construction Software also provides you with the ability to compare quotes with real data and similar jobs. You’ll be equipped with everything you need in your construction company.

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