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Announcing Precise Builder: Your new construction management software

Precise Builder Software Reduces Stress From Operating A Construction Company Via A Single Platform

Running a successful construction business requires having the right information readily accessible when you need it. Otherwise, you’ll likely lose money by mis-estimating how much your projects actually cost. 

The world-class team at INTEGRO aims to help business owners realize their full potential. Integro cares deeply about their clients and counts it a privilege to be a part of their success.

Lancaster, PA: Integro and Dan Lapp, CEO, are pleased to announce the launch of a new software product that is being geared up for release to the public: Precise Builder. It’s a customized software developed for construction companies. Specifically, it enables construction companies to accurately estimate costs, easily manage projects, run their company using one central software, and stop stressing over seemingly endless office work. Precise Builder is still accepting early adopters who will enjoy lifetime access to the software. 

Integro is recognized for a range of services designed to assist companies in streamlining their operations, increasing profitability, and achieving long-term success.With the Precise Builder software, construction business owners can finally - via a single platform - access key company details such as profit margins on different job types, a map of all current jobs, insight into where funds are in the sales pipeline, and so much more. 

Precise Builder is a DBA focusing on construction software and the construction industry. Every construction owner knows: operating a successful construction company requires having the correct information readily accessible when it is needed. Otherwise, the firm will likely lose money by not properly estimating the project cost. In addition, construction firm owners may feel scattered because of using different software for each task. 

By using just a single platform for everything, construction owners can access all processes and essential information details in one place. Specifically, the software makes it easier to run a construction company by equipping owners with a central software so they can stop stressing over seemingly endless office work and obtain better estimates of how much each job will cost. 

In addition, this construction company software provides a dashboard with insights into relevant Key Performance Indicators. The dashboard is highly customizable and includes metrics such as Sales, Scheduling, Ownership, Project Manager, Invoicing and QuickBooks, Purchasing, Payroll, and Job Cost and Analysis. In the broader sense, business software such as Precise Builder is for businesses wanting to simplify processes and streamline workflow. The software can improve efficiency, automate tasks, gain visibility, and facilitate better decisions.

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Dan Lapp explains, “I have spent years engaged in the construction industry as an employee, salesman, owner, and business coach.  The result? I understand how construction people think, feel, and what is frustrating when it comes to estimating, sales, and managing projects. I have personally looked for solutions to solve my own project management problems only to find I need to often use multiple pieces of software to accomplish what needs done, or the software is too complex, too simple, or too complicated to set up and learn. I dreamt of a software built specific to my needs. A tool that was simple to understand, gave me live, easy to read project costing, and was simple for my guys to use on the field.  That’s why we built Precise Builder. 

“With Precise Builder, construction owners can finally enjoy office processes that are simple, repeatable, and accurate. Finally, construction owners can spend less time in the office and more time doing what they love. Not to mention, onsite employee’s love it because it gives them simple access to everything they need to get the job done. It cuts down on paperwork and simplifies every process of managing a project.”

Integro believes that faith and business go hand-in-hand. As Christian business consultants in Lancaster, PA, the firm provides services that help clients grow their company while staying true to their values. With Integro's expertise in business coaching and custom software, construction clients can finally enjoy a platform that helps them grow their sales and actually have fun doing it! 

Lastly, Integro offers various services to help clients run and grow their companies well. Integro's current services include Executive Business Coaching, Software, Client Accounting Services, and Marketing.

About the Company: 

Precise Builder is a software platform and part of the Integro business development output. Integro has decades of experience in the business and non-profit worlds. The team aims to help their client's companies grow and succeed. 



Contact Info:

Name:                   Dan Lapp, CEO

Company:             Precise Builder

Address:               2420 Gehman Ln, Suite 100, Lancaster, PA 17602

Phone:                  (223) 244-5251