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Navigating the Challenges of Entrepreneurship with Business Coaching

You were called by God to do something special.

Something exciting and filled with opportunity. A path fueled by growth, service and the advancement of God’s Kingdom. An identity that puts you in a unique position to serve the world around you.

What I’m referring to is your entrepreneurial spirit—being a business owner. But while this calling is one carrying profoundly joyous possibilities, it also presents many challenges. 

Long hours, financial uncertainty and the pressure to succeed can all lead to stress and self-doubt. Taken to the extreme—or when these challenges go on too long—this stress may result in  a harsh burnout. An unfortunate fate for many entrepreneurs.

But here’s the thing:

Running a business doesn’t need to drag you down. In fact, with the right support, it can do quite the opposite—lift you and your community both spiritually and financially. But to do that, you’ve got to follow the proper path.

If you’re ready to grow your business, to improve relationships and find greater margin in both time and money, this article’s for you. 

So sit back, relax and enjoy. Because this quick and easy read is sure to inspire with the real-life stories of how entrepreneurs just like yourself navigated the challenges of running a business—all while finding greater peace and freedom in their daily lives.

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How One Family’s Guide Transformed This Man’s Life

My name is Jonas Stoltzfus. I’m the head business coach at Integro, and over the past seven years I’ve helped 100+ business owners grow their companies while having more fun at work.

Today, I want to share the story of how God called me to become a coach. It’s a story that began many years ago and one I’m grateful for everyday. After that, you’ll learn how a few of our clients have overcome their business struggles alongside an Integro coach.

As a young man, my four brothers and I ran a family business. We started as a woodworking shop and found work building pergolas, gazebos and pavilions in Lancaster County. We worked together for 22 years—and I loved every minute of it.

While the business was doing well, it wasn’t until I made the choice to work with a coach that things really took off. One of the first coaches walked alongside us for five years. And the changes that happened in the business and myself during that time equipped me to help other business owners along their unique journeys.

I believe the change that happened all those years ago was based on this simple foundation: having a trusted friend and advisor to work through the challenges of entrepreneurship. 

In other words, a guide. Someone experienced to give us perspective, clarity and accountability. A sounding board. A helping hand. The person to call when you need them most. 

The value and growth we experienced working with a coach is not unique to our gazebo business. In fact, it’s a tool many others have called on to great success. And here’s an example of just that. (Keep reading.)

How A Stressed Leader Created More Free Time While Growing His Business

One of the main struggles entrepreneurs face is not having enough of time. This is especially true for startups and new leaders.

Business owners often juggle many responsibilities. And being the single point of contact makes it difficult to open up time to relax and think throughout the day.

For awhile, you can maintain this hectic pace. But it isn’t sustainable. And if you’re trying to do everything yourself, you will eventually burn out. And when that happens, everyone loses.

Recently, I had the experience of working with a company run by an overworked founder. Caught in the thick of it, he constantly felt like there wasn’t enough of time in the day—and was running ragged and worn down.

To help this gentleman, we focused on learning to delegate—how to trust, let go of the reins and allow others to take responsibility.  This shift, while taking a bit of time to implement, has had a tremendous impact on his business. 

For one, his workers feel more empowered and trusted. And as for the owner, he now has more free time to focus on the big-picture—enabling him to grow his annual revenues by nearly 500% while doubling his workforce.

This incredible growth may not even be the best part. Because with those changes, there came an even greater prize: a reduction in work-related stress and more time with friends and family for everyone in the company. 

And that’s just one example of how business coaching helps owners. Here’s another that you may resonate with as well. 

How A Construction Company Overcame Financial Uncertainty And Increased Profitability

Alongside a lack of time, there’s another common struggle entrepreneurs face:

Financial uncertainty.

Not knowing your profit margins, cost of production, or how to navigate the local economy leads to unwise financial decisions. However, all is not lost. And a coach can help you navigate these issues and prepare for long-term success. Here’s an example…

I just finished working with a construction company here in Lancaster, PA. One of the main things we’ve been focusing on is reshaping the way the owners approach company finances.

When we met, they didn’t know their cost per billable hour—how much it was costing them to have a crew out in the field. The result was job quotes that weren’t profitable.

To help them solve this issue, we broke down exactly what it costs the company to have a man on the jobsite. This number includes things like salary, bonuses, taxes, insurance, and all of the overhead expenses associated with running their business.

When we added everything up, it turned out that each employee was costing them much more than they thought. As a result, they had not been charging enough for their services—and often not quoting enough labor time, as well.

We then cleaned up their books and have been creating clean financial reports at the end of every month. Seeing their numbers in black and white helps them see how financial decisions affect all areas of the business. And now, they’re stewarding financial resources much more wisely and placing more profitable and accurate bids on jobs.

So there you have it. Two examples of a business coach helping entrepreneurs overcome the difficulties of running a business. And while time and money are certainly two major factors to consider, there’s yet another piece of the puzzle that often gets overlooked.

Building Trust And Goodwill Among Staff and Leaders

Running a business isn’t all about time and money. You also have to navigate the human element of working with different personalities.

Another of Integro’s coaches was working with a business owner that had a problem: a legal agreement had been set up incorrectly, creating a lot of conflict and strife between partners. 

As a result, their coach was asked to come in and delegate. Acting as an impartial third party, he helped the partners come to a mutually beneficial solution, better defining leadership positions, building trust and setting the organization up for long-term success.

Again, situations like this are common. And in one way or another, your company will face interpersonal conflict. So having someone by your side experienced in mediating can be a God-send. 

You’ll not only resolve the issue, but also learn to better communicate and smooth over teamwork issues among your staff.

Now, before we go, there’s one more thing I’d like to share →

You Don’t Have to Face Business Struggles Alone

Running a business is challenging. There’s no two ways about it. 

But these challenges present you with the opportunity for growth. They are obstacles set before you to learn from.

Some business owners face these problems alone. And of those that do, there are a few that succeed. But to go it alone is a long and hard path—one often marked by burnout and failure.

However, there is a better way. And by working with a coach—someone who’s been there, done that and helped others succeed—you stand the greatest chance of growing beyond the inevitable challenges of running a business.

To see if business coaching is right for you, reach out for your free Discovery Call. Your call comes at no cost and is simply an opportunity for you to share your struggles and story. Then, you’ll get some free guidance for moving forward in a way that makes sense for your business.

In other words, your call is risk-free—and there’s no reason not to reach out. Because God wants you to thrive. And you don’t need to sacrifice your enjoyment of life just to make ends meet at the office. 

So join the group of successful business owners experiencing the freedom and joy that comes from running a successful business.

You deserve it.

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