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The Truth About Business and Christian Values

How A Christian Business Coach Can Help Grow Your Business and Your Faith

Like oil and water, sometimes it feels like business and faith just don’t mix.

This can make things tough. And as a Christian business leader, you’re faced not only with the challenges of running a business, but also those of staying true to your spiritual core values.

Struggling to balance these two worlds may lead to conflicted feelings. You may start to wonder if you need to compromise on your Christian values to get ahead. Or that maybe the pursuit of financial gain is pulling you away from Christ. 

This can be a lonely path. And because of that, having a partner can make all the difference—especially one that shares your faith and understands the unique challenges you’re facing as a Christian entrepreneur

In that spirit, this article outlines some of the ways a Christian business coach can help you grow your business and your faith—guiding you toward success while upholding your integrity, your beliefs and your faith.

#1. Faith-Based Mentorship and Guidance

The overarching value of working with a Christian business coach is the mentorship you receive rooted in Christian values.

Because of this foundation, your coach can give business advice that’s in accordance with your faith. Over time, this emphasis on Christian values—integrity, honesty and compassion—helps you establish a reputation for trustworthiness and integrity in the marketplace.

Two pillars of a business built to serve for the long-term.

Business Based on Biblical Principles
#2. Applying Proven Biblical Practices

Many times, Christian business leaders feel their desire for business success as being in contradiction with their Christian values. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, the Bible is filled with God’s wisdom for running a successful business. Your coach will help you implement this timeless approach and ensure you’re operating from a Kingdom perspective—prioritizing stewardship, service and the betterment of God’s Kingdom.

#3. Keeping the Right Perspective

When you’re stuck in the daily grind of running a business, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture.

A Christian business coach is there to remind you that your business—and indeed your entrepreneurial spirit—are platforms for glorifying God. That means being mindful of the well-being of your staff, practicing generosity amongst your community and pursuing excellence in your craft.

These points are all acts of worship and by maintaining a birds-eye view, you’ll create a more meaningful enterprise that improves the lives of others. 

#4. Discovering God’s Will for Your Company

One of the most important parts of finding a business coach that shares your Christian values is they can help you remember something very important: 

At the end of the day, it’s God that’s running the show.

This perspective is important. It helps you let go of the reins, putting your faith in God’s vision for your organization and helping you to see your proper place.

In other words, how your business and services make the world a better place.

#5. Spiritual Support in Times of Need

When it comes right down to it, your coach is there to encourage you and support you—while helping you stay grounded in your faith when the going gets tough.

Having a fellow believer by your side can be just what you need to make it through challenging times. Together, the two of you can pray for support and read scripture together, finding peace in the struggle and the strength to persevere.

#6. Accountability With Your Goals

Having a plan is one thing—following through with that plan is something completely different. 

Working with a coach provides you with accountability. Through regular meetings, check-ins and homework assignments, you’ll improve the structure of your business with less risk of procrastination. 

And when you finally start putting in the paces, you’ll discover your business and spiritual self developing—pushing you toward your potential as a Christian entrepreneur.

#7. Learning Resource Stewardship

A Christian approach to life emphasizes stewardship.

This means taking the gifts the Lord has given you and making the most of them—wasting nothing and using your talents and resources wisely to help others and glorify God.

A Christian business coach can help you adopt this mindset in running your business by adjusting your beliefs about financial wealth and even the way you place and manage your staff.

Look around you and see the abundant resources you’ve been provided. Are you using those gifts wisely? This is exactly what a coach can help you discover—building a healthier organization that improves the lives of all it touches.

#8. Build a Community of Like-minded Leaders

Let’s face it: business can sometimes feel like a dog-eat-dog world.

Business owners often use terms like “competition” to describe others in their field. And many fall into the trap of feeling another’s success is their own failure. 

However, a Christian mentality is one of abundance. Your success is another’s and theirs yours—all working together to make the world a more positive and Godly place.

To build this world, we must be connected and a Christian business coach can connect you to other faith-based leaders in your area. These relationships then provide support, inspiration and collaboration within the network.

In this world, God’s love and human connection are your greatest resources. And when those around you share your values, there’s no limit to what you can achieve together.

#9. Delegation and Finding Balance

Many business leaders end up feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. 

This is often because they’re trying to do everything themselves, and as the demands of running a business build they lose balance, letting relationships and time for God slip.

To prevent this, a business coach will help you learn to delegate. This not only empowers them but also frees you up to focus on what’s most important: running your business in a way that’s healthy for everyone involved.

The Christian Business Leader’s Challenge

Finding the right path as a Christian business leader can be difficult. But you don’t have to go it alone. 

A Christian business leader is someone who can help you grow beyond the doubts and challenges you face as an entrepreneur and person of faith. It’s a relationship with the power to transform your spiritual and business life.

Yet despite the incredible potential of working with a Christian business coach, many struggling leaders don’t reach out for help. 

Sometimes this is because of the cost. Other times, leaders may feel they lack the time and energy to get the most value from their coaching investment.

To be fair, these are perfectly legitimate reasons to postpone hiring a coach. However, before you write off the possibility entirely, consider this:

A coach will help you free up your time. Yes, you will be required to make an additional commitment of yourself upfront, but as you work together you’ll learn to delegate more effectively and find more freedom during your days.

Additionally, working with a Christian business coach is a financial investment—one with returns far and above the nominal costs. Especially as time marches on and your improved business health increases revenue for years down the line.

So if you see yourself achieving more, having more free time and empowering your business with God’s light—and you’re in a place where you’re able to focus on bringing that vision to life—reach out to speak with an executive Christian business coach. 

Your initial consultation is absolutely free and is just an opportunity to share about yourself, your business and any struggles you may be facing.

Following your call, you’ll get some suggested next steps and a clearer picture of what a Christian business coach can do for your faith and business. Then, you just decide if this is the time to take that journey today.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So don’t delay. 

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