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Integro Coaching Celebrates Seven Years With A Biblical Perspective

As trusted Christian business coaches in Pennsylvania, Integro provides a menu of business services designed to help companies streamline their operations, increase profitability, and achieve long-term success. This one-stop shop helps small to mid-size companies unlock their full potential.

Located in Lancaster, PA, Integro 212 LLC and Jonas Stoltzfus are pleased to announce that their Christian business consultants in Lancaster, PA and beyond provide services that help small to mid-size businesses. Clients can grow their company while staying true to their values. 

With expertise in business coaching, Integro can help create a strategic plan, set goals, and implement effective strategies to achieve long-term success. They are a one-stop shop for running a client's company and are focused on unlocking each client’s full potential. Every business deserves the opportunity to expand and thrive. The result? Integro’s experienced professionals provide one-on-one business coaching and group coaching to help clients lead effectively. Integro believes that faith and business go hand-in-hand.

The consultants focus their energies across five categories. These include coaching, software, marketing, finance, and human resources. The skills of the professionals provide a proven path to exponential growth. After four plus decades of operating in the business and non-profit world, Integro has found most businesses fail to grow because they haven't set clear goals and aren't correctly equipping their team with systems to handle growth; but it doesn't have to be this way.

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The process begins with a free consultation. First, clients are helped in clarifying their vision and setting specific goals. Next, the coaches walk with clients to develop systems, define their message, and support a successful team. The next phase is to help clients build the right tools to work smarter and scale their business without becoming workaholics. 

Integro believes that business can be a force for good. Truly, businesses can transform lives, communities, and the world. As such, they offer a free daily coaching video. Inside the videos, clients discover practical tips on how to hire the right people, become more productive, run effective sales funnels, and more.

Jonas Stoltzfus says, "Many business owners fail to set a business plan. Instead, they stumble with no proven plan, hoping things will start clicking somehow. The business coaches are ready to help you create a business plan that sets your company up to succeed for the long haul. Our roots are in the business coaching world. Since 2016, we have seen first-hand the challenges business owners face as they grow and scale."

About the Company:

Integro 212 LLC offers small and medium-sized clients full-service business coaching. Their consultants and coaches believe in helping entrepreneurs develop the tools and services they need to flourish. This way, businesses can thrive and subsequently improve the lives of families, communities, and ultimately, the world. 



Contact Info:

Name: Jonas Stoltzfus

Company: Integro 212 LLC

Address: 2420 Gehman Ln, Suite 100, Lancaster, PA

Phone: (223) 244-5251