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How Business Coaches will Transform Your Company

Here’s How Business Coaching Transforms Companies

When you wanted to start running marathons competitively how did you make it happen? That’s right, you hired a coach. Coach B asked you to make some major lifestyle changes—you really didn’t want to follow his advice, but you chose to follow it anyway because you trusted him. You knew he’d helped other marathoners win gold!

Now, years later, a line of gold racing medals traces the wall in your office. You’re still winning marathons. But your business is faltering. You don’t know how to fix it. There’s a white elephant in the room... are you ready to face it? Here’s the question everyone is curious about: Why have you hired a coach for your body, but not for your business?

You needed to eradicate poor technique before you could begin winning marathons. Your company must do the same! Who watches your company from the sidelines? Who recommends the best gear to suit your style? Do you have an industry professional who gives you unbiased, case-specific feedback on your strengths and weaknesses and helps you implement a plan for change? If not, you’ve just found your reason to hire a business coach!

A business coach grows the muscles of your company. Business coaching is the method by which the CEOs of nationally recognized brands such as Apple and Pepsi have built corporate structures that stand the test of time.

Let’s learn specific ways business coaching helps companies eradicate weak techniques and start winning gold.


Business coaching is a problem-solving tool leaders use to strengthen their companies.

Do you leave the office each night feeling stressed, weary, and irritable? Are your accounts continually in the red? Do you lack systems capable of handling large-scale operations? Is your team jostling for power instead of collaborating their talents?

Problems with finance, operations and management are typical reasons to hire a business coach. Because business coaches work inside a wide variety of companies, they carry an incredible range of knowledge. They can explain current market trends and predict upcoming ones. They have access to tools you need for success—and will teach you how to use them!

Business coaching is for companies at every stage of growth.

Athletic coaching is not only for Olympians—it’s for anyone seeking to improve. In the same way, business coaching is not just for multi-million-dollar corporations. The scope and span of business coaching is completely customizable! A coach’s duty is not to set your goals, but to empower you to achieve the goals you’ve chosen for yourself.

If you’re a hobby artist looking to build an online platform from which to market your art, you may hire a business coach to help you globalize your business. In this scenario, your needs are straightforward. After your coach has helped you choose the best online platform for your niche, automate processes, and walked you through the curve of learning to market art profitably, that could be a wrap for your partnership.

Alternately, if you are CEO of a skyrocketing corporation, you might hire a business coach to help you rework your office system so that it can handle the influx of sales. As you work towards this goal, your coach might point out additional problems brought about by company growth. Your coach may bring in additional teammates holding specialized talent to solve individual problems.

In any problem-solving process, it’s common to encounter a roadblock completely unrelated to the initial problem you’ve set out to address. When evaluating any new roadblock in your company’s path of growth, you always get to ask yourself the question, “Do I want my coach to help me navigate this hurdle, or not?” If there are problems you want to solve on your own, that is okay! Your coach is simply available to help solve the problems you want assistance in solving.

In the process of business coaching, just as athletic coaching, you get out of the experience what you put into it. No business coach will force you to take their advice. It’s always your choice! You remain completely in control of decisions concerning your company—your coach is simply present to provide unbiased observations and cutting-edge solutions.


A business coach identifies strengths and weaknesses with an impartial eye.

A business coaches’ eyes are trained to identify a company’s roadblocks to success. Your coach has no personal attachment to your company. This empowers his point of view to be 100% impartial. He will reflect his observations back to you exactly as he sees them.

A business coach will teach you to use new tools.

Business coaches are teachers. Your coach won’t just point out the negativity in your management team—he’ll sit down with your team over coffee and facilitate a group conversation. He’ll personally coach your core staff in power-packed methods of leadership. He will explain industry trends to you and give specific examples of what is working well for companies similar to yours. When a business coach helps you implement a major software or structural change in your business, he will stay alongside you through the transition process until he is sure you and your teammates have the skills needed to facilitate the process solo.

A business coach loves to help companies build operation systems that grow as the company grows. Instead of forcing your company to live inside a hermit crab shell then throwing away the old shell each time you outsize, your business coach will help you build an exoskeleton that grows with you!

Business coaches are networkers.

Business coaches have incredible connections. Most have managed companies of their own. They draw from resources they themselves have used in business! They know which resources companies like yours are using successfully. They’ve got connections to consultants, finance gurus, tech developers, HR specialist sand team builders. Your business coach will draw from his infinite web of resources to fill your company’s resource gaps.

Business coaches know industry trends.

It’s a business coach’s job to know what’s trending in the corporate world. Your coach has plenty of data backing his recommendations—he’s immersed in the inner workings of companies of every description.

A business coach will hold you accountable for change.

A business coach is a motivator, not a therapist. Instead of focusing on the past, a coach will steer your processing towards your company’s current successes and roadblocks. A business coach helps you write a road map to change. After the route is chosen, your coach will stay beside you, holding you accountable todo unpleasant tasks, providing needed resources and encouraging you forward when the road gets rough.

Just as an athletic coach does not run the marathon for you, so your business coach does not take upon himself the responsibility for your success. He will train you, then hold you accountable to exceed your own expectations.

A business coach cheers you on.

Business coaches absolutely love solving problems for people. They love seeing companies succeed. At the end of the day, your business coach is your most faithful supporter. He is someone to whom you can tell your problems on a bad day. You can ask him for help any time—his job is to provide resources, after all! Best of all, your business coach will be the one who believes in you more than anyone else. If you choose to keep your coach by your side, you’ll always have a voice cheering you on!


First, you’ll identify goals.

Your initial meeting with a business coach will be spent discussing your company and identifying initial company goals. Your coach will want to know your mission and values—if you don’t have these, you’ll write them. You’ll discuss your target audience, past and present clientele, and what problems your company is solving for people.

The coach will want to understand your brand. He’ll want to get familiar with your operations and team structure. He’ll ask questions like, “What is your process for making decisions?” Your answers to these questions help your coach understand how your company operates.

Next, you’ll describe your goals. What do you want your coach to help you achieve? You’ll clearly define these goals—they are the basis for building your road to success.

Next, you’ll identify roadblocks precluding your path to success.

Next, your coach will ask a question like, “What is keeping your company from achieving your goals?”Together, you and your coach will locate your company’s sources of unnecessary stress, identify inefficient systems, trouble-shoot areas of poor management, and list areas where additional training or knowledge is needed. You will evaluate all areas of team culture, noting problem areas.

Your business coach’s unbiased point of view during this process will be an incredibly valuable resource. His lack of preexisting emotional ties to your company will enable him to identify your company’s roadblocks from a strictly logical point of view.

You’ll write a roadmap to success.

With goals and roadblocks identified, you’ll be ready to build an attack plan! You and your management team will sit down with your business coach to write out a plan of action. Your plan will detail the sequence of action steps needed to eradicate roadblocks and accomplish your company’s goals. If time, money, or another resource is in short supply you may spend time prioritizing these action steps, collaborating your team’s thoughts on the most efficient place to begin investing available resources.

You’ll receive tools needed to carry out the plan.

When the plan is built and agreed upon by all leaders responsible for carrying it out, your coach will outfit your team with the tools needed to launch the plan from words to action. Business coaches make it their duty to stay on top of cutting-edge business methods and resources. Prepare to be amazed by the tools your coach pulls out to empower your company expansion!

This segment of the coaching process could take many directions. Your coach may help you reorganize leadership structure or rewrite your processes. You may spend large chunks of time meeting with management staff to develop new protocols. If needed, your coach will help you rearrange staff roles, bring on new hires or let ill-fitted teammates go. It is your business coach’s goal to help individual players find their best stride.

This is also the point when any leader who needs additional knowledge or training will receive it. You might choose to enlist outsourced consultants, finance gurus, tech developers, HR specialists and team builders. If widespread workplace negativity is blocking forward motion, your coach may bring in out sourced team building for your entire task force. You might begin carrying out new principles of employee interaction during this phase.

Your coach will hold you accountable as the action plans are being carried out.

Change of every kind is messy. Things almost always get worse before they become better. The time when you’ll be the most thankful for your business coach’s presence is when the demolition of company roadblocks is in full swing!

During the uncomfortable, unpredictable, and messy reconstruction period, your coach will be the best cheer leader you ever had! He will cheer you on and provide motivation during rough spells. If a method of change is not working, he will help you choose another route. You don’t have to handle company growing pains alone!

The timespan of coaching is your choice!

As with any coach, you can opt for short season of intensive work, partner with your coach consistently throughout your entire career, or simply hire a business coach to help you solve one clear-cut problem. The choice is yours! No matter the timespan of partnership, at the end of the day all CEOs agree: The best part about partnering with a business coach is freedom from facing huge decisions alone.

So, are you ready to give business coaching a try? We think you’ll like it—and we’re pretty sure there’s space below all your marathon medals for medals of an entirely new sort. Your company was meant to win!