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Close More Deals by Avoiding These Common Sales Pitfalls

You probably got into business with the intention of serving your community – providing products and services that fulfill the needs of others.

However, many business owners soon find that this means having to do something uncomfortable – asking their clients for their business. 

Fearing coming across as too “salesy,” this insecurity leaves a company’s potential – and its capacity for service – unfulfilled. 

But, there is some good news:

With a bit of guidance, the sales process can become both a fun and rewarding part of your work.

So, to that end, here are five common pitfalls that new salespeople make. And by learning to avoid these errors, you’ll find yourself better equipped to serve your local community while continuing to grow your business.

Mistake #1: Chasing the Wrong Leads

If you’re new to sales, know this: 

It is not a good idea to try to sell ice to an Eskimo. 

You cannot sell your products to just anyone. Instead, you need to find the right people.

Known as market research, doing so can be as simple as asking yourself (and your clients) “who out there wants to buy what I have to sell?” 

And just by starting with that question, you’ll get in front of the right people and close a lot more deals.

Mistake #2: Forgetting to Listen

Think about this: 

When you meet someone new, is that experience more enjoyable when they talk about themselves incessantly, or when they show a genuine interest in you by asking thoughtful questions?

Naturally, all people want to feel interesting. And this is where many salespeople get mixed up. Instead of taking the time to listen to their clients’ needs, they go on and on about how great their products and services are. 

If you’re guilty of this, try letting your customer do most of the talking on your next sales call. Ask them open-ended questions and then listen to what they have to say. Once you have, try rearticulating their problems back to them to make sure you’ve got it. 

By doing so, you’ll help your leads feel seen and heard. And by realizing you have their best interests at heart, they’ll be much more likely to become paying customers.

Mistake #3: Selling Features – Not Solutions

Once you understand your clients’ needs, you can then – and only then – begin to position your product as the solution to those problems. 

The key word here is solution. But often, business owners and sales reps will speak more to their product’s features – how it’s designed, what it’s made of, etc. – rather than why that actually matters to the customer.

In other words, focus more on how your products will help solve your customer’s problems by painting a picture of how their lives will look after purchasing your services. 

Because, at the end of the day, consumers don’t care so much about the technical aspects of what you’re selling. Instead, they’re interested in the practical benefits – or – how your products will help them survive and thrive.

Mistake #4: Not Closing the Sale

After finding the right market, listening to their needs and positioning your services as the solution to their problems, the next step is asking for the sale.

While this is the obvious goal, it’s also the part that makes many new salesfolk uncomfortable. However, at this point, all you need to do is tell your customers the next steps in doing business with you. Then, ask them if they’re ready to move forward. 

While some customers will be ready to purchase on the spot, many will have hesitations. If they do have concerns, it’s your job to reassume the role of the listener – doing your best to hear and understand their fears. 

By remaining present with your clients, you may be able to alleviate those worries on the spot. However, others will still need some time to think things over. And if that’s the case (as it often is), there’s still one final pitfall you’re wise to avoid.

Mistake #5: Not Following Up

The simple fact is that not everyone is ready to buy immediately – but that does not mean they aren’t willing to become paying customers. 

For that reason, a follow-up plan is essential to converting sales. In fact, numerous studies have shown that it takes an average of five follow-ups to close a deal. 

So, be sure to have a system in place. Something as simply as a weekly phone call, email or text can make a huge difference to your business’s bottom line. 

Now, Go Make Some Sales!

By heeding the five points above, you’ll find yourself getting increasingly comfortable with the sales process. However, to truly scale your business, you’re going to need more than an uptick in your own ability to close deals.

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