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Build Trust in Your Brand Using Social Media. Here's How.

When it comes to keeping a place in your customer’s mind, few tools are more powerful than social media. With billions of users each month, these platforms make it easy to regularly connect and interact with your clients.

However, maintaining a social media presence can also feel overwhelming. Where should you post? How often? What kind of content best presents your business to the marketplace? These questions – and the ensuing confusion – make it easy to get bogged down.

That being said, social media does not need to be complicated. And even the simplest of plans – followed through (*ahem*) – will keep your business front and center in your customer’s mind.  

The Two Pillars of Trust

When encouraging your customers to part with their hard-earned cash, one emotion reigns supreme: trust.

Building trust in the marketplace is not difficult – you simply need to communicate to your potential clients that you a) understand their problems and what they’re going through and b) have what it takes to actually solve those problems.

For example, a plumber might publish a weekly post titled “Clogged Toilets Really Stink,” showing a ten-second clip of a homeowner happily flushing their freshly unclogged porcelain. A post like this is simple, fun and demonstrates an understanding of the customer (we get it – clogged toilets really stink) along with the proof of a job well done (the happy customer).

Similarly, client reviews are a fantastic way of building trust as your brand’s reputation among consumers is hugely influential. When asking customers to write testimonials (yes, you should be asking), encourage them to outline their initial problem and then how you solved that problem and improved their lives.

Doing so will clearly position your business as a capable and trusted brand while giving you plenty of posting material for your social channels.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Depending on the products or services you sell, potential buyers may come in contact with your brand well before they are ready to purchase. For this reason, it’s important to also view your social media campaigns as exercises in memorization – literally “branding” your company in the client’s mind as the go-to solution to a specific problem.

Doing this requires memorable content and clear messaging along with consistency in your postings. Therefore, when strategizing your social media campaigns, stick to a posting frequency that you can realistically maintain. And while more often is usually better, as long as you’re being consistent, you’ll be in good shape.

Struggling to Market Your Business on Social Media?

As you can see, a solid social media strategy is an essential tool for connecting with your audience, building trust and driving sales. However, it can also be time consuming and a little overwhelming.

Because of this, Integro offers a variety of social media services to help you take advantage of this powerful marketing tool. So, to discover what a well-executed social media campaign can do for your bottom line, schedule a zero-pressure discovery call with one of our business experts.

It’s absolutely free and sure beats the hassle of having to figure everything out on your own (or, not at all).

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