James Landis

Marketing Coach
Lancaster, PA
Price : 1-3 / 5
James works with small and medium sized companies.
A headshot of James


Marketing Coordinator


Feb 2023 - present


Edge Director

Oct 2019-Feb 2023

Real Estate Agent

Berkshire Hathaway

June 2017-Nov 2018

RV Salesman & Manager

RV Value Mart

Dec 2016-Dec 2017

General Construction

Leid Construction

May 2015-Oct 2016

About James

Meet James, the guy with a green thumb for startups.

As Integro’s head of external marketing, James Landis is just the guy to help grow your business.

After starting his own successful construction and real-estate companies, James later found his way into sales – first, selling millions of dollars in RVs and then as a freelance negotiator representing clients (and winning large contracts) in the B2B space.

Following this, James temporarily left the business world to join a non-profit in Asia. Unfortunately, their efforts were quickly shut down due to the pandemic.

However, this did not phase Mr. Landis. Taking matters into his own hands, he quickly assembled a new team, raised the needed funds and then moved the entire organization to Colombia where they were able to continue their humanitarian work and leadership trainings.

These days, James spends his time crafting marketing strategies and internal systems that propel his clients’ companies to the next level. And when he isn’t doing that (or studying relentlessly), he enjoys the outdoors and staying active with motocross, rock climbing and surfing.


James is an expert in:
  • ● Administration
  • ● Construction
  • ● Entrepreneurship
  • ● Organizational Development
  • ● Sales
  • ● Team building
  • ● Leadership
  • ● Marketing
  • ● Strategic Planning

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