Milford Zimmerman

Executive Business Coach
Elkton, VA
Price : 2-4 / 5
Milford works with small and medium sized companies.
Cerified Business Coach Integro


Executive Coach

Integro 212 LLC · Full-time

2021 - Present


South Fork Services

2020 - present
Elkton, VA

Owner and General Manager

Red Rock Concrete

2019 – 2020 · 1 yr
Elkton, VA

Owner and General Manager

Midlakes Sprayfoam

2013 - 2018 · 5 yrs
Union Springs, NY

Project Manager / Estimates

Brubacher Excavating

2008 - 2011 · 3 yrs
Bowmansville, PA


Business Made Simple Certified Coach

About Milford

Meet Milford, an executive coach who is quick to spy missed potential.  Milford’s outside-the-box thinking has helped him win big. After taking ownership of Midlakes Sprayfoam LLC, Milford quadrupled company revenue in under five years. He’s built a company from the ground up, led multiple businesses to success, and knows the ropes of selling a company, too!

Milford’s deep-rooted enthusiasm about business operations and development empowers him to see what companies can become. He loves helping people catch and carry out a vision for their future, rather than just working with noses to the grindstone.

In addition to business coaching, Milford is passionate about building healthy relationships, sharing the Gospel, and exploring the globe with his family. One of his favorite memories is of exploring the historic cattle yards of Fort Worth, Texas, with his wife and children during a 5,000-mile road trip.

As a family man, Milford knows that business life and personal life are inseparable. He cares deeply about helping people build strategies that empower success both in the workplace and at home. Struggling to control company operations while fighting burnout needn't be a reality! Milford is ready to guide business owners to healthy growth in every area of life.


Milford is an expert in:
  • ● Sales
  • ● Marketing
  • ● Business Transitions
  • ● Finance
  • ● Construction
  • ● Operations
  • ● Business Development
  • ● Leadership
  • ● Teambuilding

Client Testimonials

"Milford is very talented with business skills. Anyone who can get a chance to have him help navigate the sometimes tricky waters of business and finance will find it time well spent! "
Gene Swarey

Case studies

By Milford
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